Trudeau Stands Up to China


I’m just kidding.

Trudeau tries saving face after Stephane Dion got whipped by one of the paper tiger’s representatives:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada has expressed its “dissatisfaction” with China after that country’s foreign minister publicly berated a Canadian journalist earlier this week.

Trudeau says freedom of the press is something that is very important to him and the job of the media is to ask tough questions.

In Ottawa on Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi blasted a journalist from the web outlet iPolitics who asked about China’s human rights record, calling the question “irresponsible.”

Wang appeared visibly angry as he delivered the scolding at a joint news conference with Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion.

 Wang said the question was full of prejudice and arrogance and was totally unacceptable.

The iPolitics question was agreed to by a number of journalists representing several news organizations at the event, including The Canadian Press.


“Dissatisfaction”, eh? I bet that showed the Chinese.

When will Mr. Wang apologise?

Trudeau does not believe in Western freedoms and democracies himself so it is no wonder that, along with his crazy upbringing, he extols communist China’s virtues and lets slide any abuse toward the adoring popular press that got him elected.

But his handlers, no doubt, informed him that this incident was embarrassing. I mean – Dion just stood there and had his @$$ handed to him.

Trudeau is no leader who defends Canada’s citizens or interests. Everything is calculated.

I wonder of the staff at iPolitics now understand this.