Our American friend: San Jose attacks have “ended” US election

Our American friend, who is calling the US election exclusive to Blazing Cat Fur, writes to say,

The attacks on Trump supporters in San Jose have basically ended the election.

Americans saw Americans being attacked by Mexicanos on TV & online, social media.

This is new and is pushing the election to Trump, if, indeed, it didn’t give it to him outright last night.

Yes, that’s the flag of Mexico you see near the end. There are no borders now. In the global community of the near future, people can come into each other’s countries and interfere physically in elections, intimidating citizens. At least that is what it looks like:

Reality check: Our American friend has called everything right so far. Still, I keep having nagging doubts:

What if, in the end, most Americans would really prefer to live in the sort of country where the current government simply cancels the elections due to “danger to the republic” on account of the public disorder? Then they can stagnate for decades or centuries, blaming all their woes on some hapless ethnic group or social class. Feel good about feeling bad and doing little.

Many people forget that that is not an unusual choice. Many nation states in the world today are like that.

Canadian history prof friends say that, whatever the outcome, this could be the last real election in the United States. They hope not. Stay tuned.

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I highly doubt that any election could be canceled free of “cost” as there are so many of us Americans looking for “the final sign” that will be the prelude to kicking off full scale direct action, kinetically based, insurrection. The canceling of the elections, for any reason, would be just such a thing.

    • Oh, I don’t say it would happen. Only that if most Americans were comfortable with that kind of a state, the whole thing is already decided anyway. Responsible freedom costs.

      • Exile1981

        Sorry Denyse, I disagree with your prof friend. I think 2008 was the last free election the US had. 2012 was a show election and the 2016 is already decided, we just havn’t been told who the winner is.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          No one in his wildest dreams thought that Trump would win the nomination when he announced a year ago. Even here, many of us were saying, “He may not win, but he has raised important issues.”

        • V10_Rob

          They’re certainly going to make sure there’s no repeat performance. Americans will still be able to vote freely, probably. But only for thoroughly approved slates of candidates that are acceptable to the donors and apparathiks of both parties. No dissenters or protest candidates, no joke or write-in nominations, no matter how impossible their chances are. Love or hate Trump (and Bernie), we are unlikely to see candidates like them again.

    • Exile1981

      kinetically based insurrection?

      Can I steal that term? Its perfect

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        It’s all yours!
        Give it a good home. 🙂

    • john700

      I think the insurrection will come from the far-left.

  • Linda1000

    Where can I bet on the 2016 U.S election outcome or who will be the next POTUS? I want to win some money. Lottery tickets don’t seem to work for me.
    Trump = good versus evil = Hillpill or Sandpounder.

    This is good to see.

  • V10_Rob

    Glanced at the TV news tonight, they’re having another little spell. “Trump has a history of slanderous comments about minorities, such as muslims and Mexicans. This time his remarks targeted African Americans.” Mildly intrigued, I watched the clip. In it, Trump praises a black supporter who slugged a protester who was dressed as a klansman. This apparently proves that Trump is a racist.

    They are truly going insane, in the most literal sense.

    • Brenda2600

      He is only a racist to a liberal/democrat. The left twist words and spin everything to their benefit. Seeing Mexican flags and the good squad is not a good sign.

    • Maggat

      They are truly going insane, in the most liberal sense.