Our American friend: San Jose attacks have “ended” US election

Our American friend, who is calling the US election exclusive to Blazing Cat Fur, writes to say,

The attacks on Trump supporters in San Jose have basically ended the election.

Americans saw Americans being attacked by Mexicanos on TV & online, social media.

This is new and is pushing the election to Trump, if, indeed, it didn’t give it to him outright last night.

Yes, that’s the flag of Mexico you see near the end. There are no borders now. In the global community of the near future, people can come into each other’s countries and interfere physically in elections, intimidating citizens. At least that is what it looks like:

Reality check: Our American friend has called everything right so far. Still, I keep having nagging doubts:

What if, in the end, most Americans would really prefer to live in the sort of country where the current government simply cancels the elections due to “danger to the republic” on account of the public disorder? Then they can stagnate for decades or centuries, blaming all their woes on some hapless ethnic group or social class. Feel good about feeling bad and doing little.

Many people forget that that is not an unusual choice. Many nation states in the world today are like that.

Canadian history prof friends say that, whatever the outcome, this could be the last real election in the United States. They hope not. Stay tuned.

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