One in Six Ontario Parents Kept Their Children Home From School Due to Controversial Sex Ed Program

Only one in six?

As many as one in six Ontario parents remains so unhappy with the province’s new sex education curriculum that they have either pulled their children from class or have considered it, a new poll shows.

And that might be starting to weigh on the Liberal government’s already low polling numbers.

Three per cent of parents told Forum Research they have removed their children from public school entirely in favour of home schooling or private schools, according to results of the 1,172-person survey conducted May 31.

Thirteen per cent of poll respondents said they have considered those options.

The new curriculum was announced in February and immediately sparked controversy for including anatomical names for body parts, the existence of multiple gender identities and conversations about consent, and even masturbation.

The previous substantial update to the curriculum occurred last century, well before the age of the smartphone and social media put pornography in teenage hands.

The latest curriculum was heralded by LGBT advocates, medical professionals and teachers alike, but many religious and cultural communities objected and those objections haven’t waned.

No riot?

No massive outrage?

Clearly not pi$$ed off enough.