Not since Evel Knievel Took On The Snake River Canyon… Pope To Hold Mass In Malmo

Yea, that Malmo.

  • Maybe he has bigger wontons than we’ve given him credit for.

    Slightly off-topic: Pope Emeritus Benedict has a helicopter pilot’s license.

    • Personally I think it’s just silly showboating on his part. “Symbolic” though it may be that won’t stop terrorist bombs or in any way lessen Islam’s hatred.

      Nothing is “reciprocal” with Islam, it’s always a one way street, you give, they take, with the threat of violence ever lurking.

      • Popes say Mass wherever they can.

        Governments are supposed to stop terrorism. Sweden wouldn’t do that, Pope or not.

        Pope Francis might see this as an opportunity to visit the non-Muslim Catholic minority.

        Watch the leftists and Muslims contort over this.

        • True.

        • Justin St.Denis

          You are overly optimistic. PopeEvita is a Jesuit first and foremost. Whether or not Evita is even Catholic is entirely beside the point.

          • You do know that Jesuits are an order of Catholic priests like Dominicans or Franciscans?

            His job is to say Mass wherever he can. From what I can see, he is fitting his job description.

            I say sit back and watch the same leftists who ignore Islamist violence in their own country decry the Church and him.

            We don’t have to pick sides. We can just watch.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Yes, of course I know the Jesuits are an order of priests. I also know the history of the Jesuit Order, how it was turfed out of the RC Church circa 1765 because of the Order’s preoccupation with power of any description, and not permitted back into the RC Church until 1825. The Jesuits have been plotting to acquire more power ever since, and finally realized one of their goals with Pope Evita, the first Jesuit pope. I acquired two post-graduate degrees from Jesuit-run institutions, and am placed to know way too much about the trafficking of children in South America by Jesuits.

            I hate to burst your bubble, but there is corruption within the RC Church, and Jesuits are at the heart of much of it, including forcing the resignation of Pope Benedict because he was onto them (and their links with islamic leaders) BIG TIME. Pope Benedict remains the last identifiably genuine Roman Catholic pope.

          • And yet the Jesuits were applauded for their inroads in Asia.

            I’d love to see that trafficking stuff.

            I don’t buy into this conspiracy theory stuff. Pope Emeritus Benedict just resigned. There is no mystery in that.

    • Who are the Vegas bookies betting on?

  • B__2

    Three questions about the Pope’s visit:
    1) Is he going to be visiting on New Year’s Eve?
    2) Is he going to be wearing his cute little papal dress for the occasion?
    3) Will he dismiss his security detail so he can mingle with the crowd?

  • Raymond Cameron

    Is the local mosque large enough fo a papal mass?

    • It should be.

      It would have to be exorcised.

      Why use it for a mosque?

  • tom_billesley

    A requiem mass for the city?

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’s announcing that Catholicism is the nascent form of the one true religion, Islam.