Massachusetts Passes Law Forcing Mixed Gender Bathrooms in Public Schools!

Republicans who oppose the bill say it hinders the rights of other Americans. State Rep. Marc Lombardo says, “This bill would take away the rights for more than 99 percent of the population – the basic right to privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms. The rights of our children to feel safe in the bathroom, the rights of teenage girls to not have to shower in front of teenage boys.”

  • Exile1981

    These laws are about endangering the majority for the benefit of a deranged minority.

    • Justin St.Denis

      This has virtually nothing to do with “accommodating the transgendered”. It is, and has always been, about undermining both the family and basic family values. It’s pure Alinsky.

  • Special snowflake

    You know, whenever I see articles like this, I think of all the people on this planet that can look at boobs, balls and pussy without flinching or acting like a monkey that has seen a magical trick for the first time. Just think about the difference in mindset of being raised naked, with girls and boys, and NOT EVEN FLINCHING and commenting on the size or shape of anything.

    Now we travel back to the “civilized” world… And bang! What do we get…? Yep. You know it. And here we have some fantasy war over minds, gender and ideology for the sole purpose of dividing everyone. And yet, tribes and third world countries have it all figured out.

    And yet here we are; fighting over gender and the ultimate fear of nakedness. One has almost no faith anymore in the “civilized” world. You’ve been thought EVERYTHING that you see, hear and learn by the peers around you.

    For anyone still having a head attached to their neck, you will see that this is simply a ploy to use what has been hammered into our heads from the day we were born, and use it against us.

    All of this stupid drama of feminism, gender, bi, homo, trans, multi-freaking-universe-gendered-unicorn-stuffed-sparkle-dust… Yeah. It’s that ridiculous. Divide and conquer. The most effective and simple tactic throughout history of our species.

    Or is there an even more simple reason for this apparent madness…? Some viral, airborne virus…? Because you have to choose. Can’t have both. Or maybe it’s our DNA that is finally breaking and going backwards into cavemen? Who the fuck knows.

    There are some 70 gender types on Facebook now… You tell me if that is not some proof of concept of the madness. Now go back in time in your mind, and remember that glorious time where men had a penis, and girls had a vagina. And mentally ill people were behind padded walls, with a straight-jacket.

    Like this:

    Let that sink in for a while…

  • Home-school.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s their gang rapes, their problem.

  • canminuteman

    I will be interesting to see if the children are as “progressive” as the law makers.