Liberals Push For a More “Gender-Neutral” Canadian Anthem

“God Bless America” is also gender-neutral.

Isn’t it bad enough that the Liberals gut everything that works about Canada and use a crippled guy to do it?

The fight over the national anthem is also sparking questions from some MPs about whether parliamentarians should be expediting a bill through Parliament on such a sensitive and emotional issue simply because it is the legacy project for Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger, whose health is rapidly deteriorating.

The Conservatives say the Liberals, with the support of the NDP, are ramming through Parliament a bill that would change the lyrics to the anthem, when Canadians should be consulted on the matter.

Bélanger’s private member’s Bill C-210 would make the national anthem gender-neutral by changing two words in the English version of O Canada from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.”

The bill passed a second-reading vote Wednesday in the House of Commons and went to the Liberal-dominated heritage committee Thursday for brief consideration of the one clause in C-210 that would change the wording to O Canada.