Islam training manual used in prisons includes section on waging holy war & ‘teaches inmates to become jihadists’

A manual of Islam used in British prisons teaches inmates about jihad and ‘incites’ them to wage holy war, it has been claimed.

The Tarbiyah (Islamic study) programme has a section on holy war and advises that taking up arms against the enemies of Allah is ‘one of the noblest acts’.

Shaeikh Musa Admani has called for it to be removed because it ‘incites’ violence and helps convicted terrorists manipulate younger inmates towards extremism.

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  • Alain

    Hello? Anyone home? What pray tell did they expect, since it is a manual for teaching Islam. Jihad, the requirement to wage “holy” war on all non believers is a basic part of Islam.

  • In a prison? What could go wrong?

  • Justin St.Denis

    There really are no apparent limits to the stupidity of the Brits. Whether they stay with the EU or opt out makes little difference, really. They’re doomed to failure by virtue of their own stupidity. I actually wish this was not so as there are parts of Britain that I quite liked to visit before stupidity took over and reigned supreme……