Euthanasia as treatment for mental illness

From Heather Zeiger at Salvo:

The Dutch Euthanasia Commission granted a 29-year-old woman permission to die by physician-assisted suicide. She suffered from post-traumatic stress from childhood sexual abuse that occurred from age 5 to 15. Among her mental health co-morbidities (because people with PTSD tend to express several types of symptoms), she had what was deemed “untreatable” anorexia due to depression and anxiety.

In the up-coming issue of Salvo (Issue 37), I wrote the Casualty Report on sex trafficking. In doing the research for this report, one of the key ways that traffickers and pimps maintain control of their victims is by making them feel worthless. By shaming their victims through abusive and degrading tactics, the victim will not only lose her will to fight back, but she will lose hope for a way out. This is how pimps “train their victims.” Once the cycle of shame has begun, the victim will stay in the abusive relationship because she doesn’t believe she deserves better. Even once she is out of the abusive situation, she will often engage in self-harm as a way to cope with her deep-seated sense of worthlessness. More.

Reality check: Of course anorexia is treatable. But now there is a cure, which will doubtless come to Canada, starting Monday. Maybe a Nobel Prize for Medicine is in the offing too.

By the way, someone from the Conservative Party had the indecency to write yesterday evening to ask me for $50 because the Liberals had been mean to them about all this and …

If the federal Tories had shown any moral leadership at all, none of this would have happened. They need to shut down and re-emerge as a clear voice for life.

But if they don’t, horrific events will mean that help will arise from another quarter.

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