Charles Krauthammer: “Crazy Uncle Bernie’s effort to undermine Israel”

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It is ironic that the most successful Jewish presidential candidate ever should be pushing the anti-Israel case. But perhaps not surprising considering Sanders’ ideological roots. He is old left — not the post-1960s, countercultural New Left. Why, the man honeymooned in the Soviet Union — not such fashionably cool communist paradises as Sandinista Nicaragua where Bill de Blasio went to work for the cause or Castro’s Cuba where de Blasio honeymooned. (Do lefties all use the same wedding planner?)

For the old left, Israel was simply an outpost of Western imperialism, Middle East division. To this day, the leftist consensus, most powerful in Europe (which remains Sanders’ ideological lodestar), holds that Israeli perfidy demands purification by Western chastisement.



  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Except the ‘hammer was pounding on Trump for ages.
    He lost my respect.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Mine, too.

  • Sanders is a typical leftist. Leave him alone in Gaza and then see how anti-Israel he is then.

  • simus1

    stalin thought newly created by the UN Israel with its abundant “socialist oriented” modernity would offer his crowd an excellent base from which to subvert and destroy British hegemony and growing American influence throughout the muslim world.
    How did it all go so wrong?