Ayatollah Refuses to Co-Operate With the US Against ISIS

After all that Obama has done for Iran!

Iran’s top leader on Friday ruled out any formal co-operation with America against the Islamic State group, their common adversary in Iraq and Syria, insisting that the United States remains a prime enemy of Tehran, despite a landmark nuclear deal with word powers.

Trusting the U.S. would be “a big mistake,” said Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, insisting that co-operation with America goes “against the independence” of Iran.

There has been no formal talk of a joint fight or even co-operation between Iran and the United States against the Islamic State group. Nevertheless, Khamenei’s remarks were somewhat ironic since the war against the Islamic State has put Americans and Iranians in close proximity.

In Iraq, Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards are on the ground, helping Shiite militiamen and Iraqi forces in their offensive on Fallujah, an IS stronghold west of Baghdad. A U.S.-led airstrikes campaign is also backing that battle.

But Khamenei said that despite the nuclear deal which went into effect this year, Iran has “many small and big enemies, but foremost among them are America,” Britain and Israel.