Australia Wants Canada to Take Its Excess Migrants

Why would we want Australia’s rejects?

Canada is being called upon to help Australia deal with more than 2,000 asylum seekers being detained for years in miserable conditions on remote South Pacific islands.

The issue caused headlines this week during Australia’s election campaign when a Labor MP said the next government should work with the United Nations to find safe third countries to relocate genuine refugees.

Asked during a televised interview to identify likely countries to send confirmed refugees, Labor MP Anthony Albanese replied: “There are a range of countries that are possibilities. Canada, for example, is an obvious one.”

Labor leader Bill Shorten, whose party is leading in the latest polls, appeared to quickly embrace the idea, noting that Canada’s recent intake of more than 25,000 Syrian refugees “certainly does make our government’s efforts not look in any fashion heroic compared to that.”

He called Canada “an excellent settlement country and we would certainly make it a priority” while working with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to resettle refugees held in detention centres in Nauru, a tiny South Pacific island state 3,000 kilometres from the Australian coast, and Manus Island, which is part of Papua New Guinea.


  • Exile1981

    Wow, so people they think are unfit for Australia they want to send to Canada.

    • Justin St.Denis

      That is called “deep thinking” by Australian standards. Rather funny. No wonder the Brits can still run the Aussies by snapping their fingers.

  • Petrilia

    No No and No. Thanks for nothing.

    • V10_Rob

      Geez Australia, what the hell did Canada ever do to you?

  • B__2

    The actual agreement between Australia and Canada would probably be a 1:1 refugee swap, with people judged genuine refugees in Australia being swapped for genuine refugees in Canada.

    Why do this?

    It’s to deter the people smugglers to both Canada and Australia. Australia has a policy to return illegal entry people to the country of their departure and to process asylum seekers claims outside Australian territory. When someone pays a people smuggler to get them into Australia by boat, the boat is usually intercepted and the people might be returned to Indonesian waters – but often the boat is crippled by its passengers to prevent an easy return. If the passengers are picked up, they are prevented from landing on Australian territory to prevent their access to the “No One Is Illegal”-type activist lawyers. They are taken to camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru where their asylum claims are assessed. Most of them are judged to be economic migrants and thus refused entry and so they stay in these camps until the vast majority eventually decide they aren’t getting into Australia and opt to be sent home.

    A small number of people are judged to be genuine refugees – and that’s where agreements with countries like Canada come in. Australia’s policy is that regardless of whether you are a genuine refugee or not, you will not be settled in Australia in order to dishearten any attempts to be people-smuggled through Indonesia. Australia has agreements with a few countries to accept genuine refugees who, by policy, will not be allowed to settle in Australia. Before this policy was enacted, an estimated 50,000 illegal entry boat people went to Australia with an estimated 1200 who drowned in the attempt.

    In the past, Australia had been negotiating to accept a 1:4 trade in genuine refugees with other countries: one genuine refugee from Australia being swapped for four genuine refugees into Australia.

    Canada has had problems with refugees in the past, with a seriously high number awarded refugee status and then going back to their ‘unsafe’ countries on holidays or to visit family. Canada has often been forced to accept so-called refugees since it can’t return them to their country of origin.

    So, both Australia and Canada have the opportunity to do genuine refugee swaps so as to fulfil their UN obligations, but also to frustrate people who demand entry to either country as refugees after carefully selecting the country of planned residence.

    “I’m a real refugee and demand residence here in Canada, so I can be near my relatives in Ontario”
    “Tough sh*t, mister real refugee, you are being given safe sanctuary down under in Australia.”

    • andycanuck

      That’s interesting assuming that’s what the Australian Labor Party has in mind should they win the upcoming election.

      [ALP is the acronym for other readers here; and I’ve always assumed the Americanized “Labor” spelling was for newspapers to differentiate them from Britain’s Labour without having waste space on “Britain’s” or the like: Labour = UK; Labor = Oz.)

    • That still leaves either nation with migrants that they don’t want.

      • JJ Joseph

        Here’s a compromise: Canada takes one refugee, and I get a ticket to Australia.

  • WalterBannon

    then put em in a row boat and give them a map

    • andycanuck

      To Cuba! (Funny now all those impoverished Haitians never head to Cuba instead, eh.)

  • Reader

    Give them to Justin; He’ll take anyone.
    I thought Australia was supposed to be an ally?

    • Justin St.Denis

      It is, though not a particularly bright or gifted one, politically speaking. But they do serve their British masters….

    • andycanuck

      It was a Labor spokesman talking although they may win the upcoming election.

  • Oracle9

    It’s well-known worldwide now that Canada has gone full progressive, kind of a larger version of Sweden.

  • Spatchcocked

    No problem….send them by boat.

  • Spatchcocked

    Justine will become a Buddhist and take Kung Fu lessons forthwith….you heard it here first.

    Grasshopper Trudeau… a nice ring to it…

    • andycanuck

      Asshopper is more like it.

      • Alain

        More likely it is his ass that gets hoped. Remember the lisp.

      • Well, he did put up the Gayistan flag this week, so…

  • mauser 98

    …Barry opens the floodgates

    “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is quietly transporting
    illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and releasing them
    without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents”

    then a 4 hour TSA lineup at airports

  • BillyHW

    Et tu, Australia?

  • DD_Austin

    noting that Canada’s recent intake of more than 25,000 Syrian refugees

    They know the idiots will take them off their hands if they just say nice things
    about them

    They know they’ve stuck idiot gold with Justin, the UN, , every muslim shithole
    and every climate change con man lined up with their halloween bags for cash
    and all shouted “treat” and got it

    Why not Austrailia? Anyways 2000 turds in the cess pool they’re making
    of Canada is better than screwin’ both countries

  • felis gracilis

    I say we send Justin to Australia instead. That would send a message to the Aussies.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Don’t count on it.

  • useless opinion

    So I guess having a criminal record is now OUR prerequisite for entry. But I wonder, the wonderland state of Hawaii is between us and Oz, that seems like a perfect 3rd safe country, just with lots of meth and fat poi eaters.

  • Alain

    Seems the word got out that we have a Hoodydoody puppet as PM now.

  • k1962

    Forget about it.