Way to go, Jeremy Corbyn – root out those Jew-haters!

The Labour party is now headed by people who support Muslim terrorist attacks upon Israel and equate Jews with capitalism

A long and arduous flight back from the Caucasus, but worth it nonetheless for the meaningful protest we had staged in the fragrant and lovely Georgian capital, Tbilisi. They have opened a vegan restaurant there called the Café Kiwi — an affront not just to ordinary Georgians, but to all right-thinking people, surely. A bunch of us stormed the place carrying large chunks of grilled lamb on skewers and spicy sausages, which we flung at the epicene customers, who cowered beneath their tables and were unable to fight back because their bones had been made as brittle as matchwood by a diet consisting entirely of nuts and berries.

‘Eat some meat, flaccid homosexual scum,’ we howled at them — suspecting that most if not all of the diners ‘batted for the other side’, so to speak.