UCLA Shooter Update – Now Two Dead

Ashley Hasti (victim) and her killer, Mainak Sarkar

Ashley Hasti (victim) and her killer

I have been sitting on this for an hour and a half waiting for confirmation. Now the updates are happening hot and fast.

Ashley Hasti (Ed: previously murdered in Minnesota) was the [former] girlfriend of Mainak Sarkar, the UCLA gunman who killed Professor William Klug. CNN is now reporting that she was murdered by Mainak a day before he traveled to Los Angeles, killing Klug. According to Facebook, the two broke up a short time ago.

Update–6/2/2016: The LAPD Chief Beck just announced on KTLA that a “kill list” was found within Mainak Sarkar’s home. This list had the name of William Klug, a different professor at UCLA (who is safe), and Ashley Hasti, the ex-girlfriend of Mainak.