I’ve done nothing wrong! Red Ken reignites anti-Semitism row by claiming his Hitler remarks were just like saying 1+1=2

Ken Livingstone has again defended his claim that Hitler supported Zionism – insisting his statements were as true as’1+1=2′.

The former London Mayor blamed ’embittered’ Labour MPs for provoking the row, and said he was expecting to be cleared by a party investigation.

He also suggested that Jeremy Corbyn had not wanted to suspend him, arguing the leader had ‘no say’ in the decision.

The defiant stance risks further inflaming the raging controversy over anti-Semitism in the party.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    You know that the Labour Party is in deep shit when “antisemitic” becomes an adjective that the media automatically attaches to its name.

    • It runs so deep they should be ordering uniforms from Hugo Boss.

  • k1962

    He needs to be struck by lighting or some horrible disease, pos.