ISIS jihadis ARE driven by Islam and the world needs to accept that no matter how ‘uncomfortable’ the facts, says the Muslim man in charge of BBC Religion

The BBC’s head of religion has said although it is ‘uncomfortable’ to accept, the ideology behind ISIS is based on Islamic doctrine.

Aaqil Ahmed, the first Muslim to hold the post, said it was untrue to suggest that ISIS had nothing to do with Islam, despite the fact that the majority of Muslims do not agree with the extremist group.

He was speaking at an event at Huddersfield University, when he was asked to explain the BBC’s controversial policy on referring to the group as ‘so-called Islamic State’.

I bet Swami Justin will have something to say about this!

Justin Trudeau he's our useful idiot

Justin Trudeau he’s our useful idiot

  • moraywatson

    What a tawriyah spewing slimeball ! When he says most muslims don’t agree with ISIS, he implies that ISIS has the interpretation of islamic ideology wrong. But the truth is that all muslims agree with ISIS on the objective of islamic ideology (ie a sharia compliant worldwide totalitarian caliphate) but disagree on the strategy for achieving it (soft jihad and/or terrorism).