Gloomier future seen for Canadian immigration

With 35 per cent of male newcomers returning home and a growing middle class in developing countries less inclined to migrate, an internal government review is calling the future of Canadian immigration into question.

The report by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada also points to the challenge of reconfiguring an immigrant-selection system in a rapidly changing labour market where a growing number of jobs are temporary and there’s “increasing mismatch” of available skills and the skills in demand.

“What changes, if any, does Canada want to make to its current ‘managed migration,’ ” asked the 23-page study, titled Medium-Term Policy: Balanced Immigration and stamped “for internal discussion only.” “To what extent is the current overall immigration level appropriate and/or necessary?”

Experts call for ‘national conversation’ in view of challenges identified in government’s internal review.

Here’s your conversation, declare a moratorium on immigration from Muslim states and “refugee resettlement”.

End the family reunification program and the Temporary Foreign Workers program.

Focus on nations that were traditional sources of immigration rather than attempting to turn this country into a 3rd world “multicultural hellhole”.

Disclose fully to the public the number of “immigrants” in public housing and on welfare.

Immigration must serve the citizens of this nation, not corporate interests or the radical ideology of the vote whoring political class.

That’s a start.

  • Dana Garcia

    Immigration is so 20th century.

    Plus, it hasn’t done anything for the citizens of first-world nations, but it certainly has enriched the elites.

    America’s Senator Jeff Sessions has been saying for years that immigration should serve the national interest, not that of the richy rich.

  • canminuteman

    We are not doing western civilization any favours by taking immigrants from our traditional sources. Those counties all have the same shriveled birth rates that we do and if we give those people somewhere to flee to, those countries will die off that much quicker. Give then an incentive to fix their own countries rather than run away.

    • Valid point.

    • WalterBannon

      we don’t need a larger population

      manufacturing is dying

      free trade is sending all the jobs overseas

      the green cult people insist the country must reduce its carbon footprint – so why are they demanding more third world immigrants come here and increase their CO2 footprints? A big load of hypocrisy by these liberals.

  • Brenda

    I wonder if a lot of this hand-wringing over refugees isn’t just a way of bringing in ‘qualified’ immigrants under the guise of doing a humanitarian deed. I read an article in the Toronto Star a while back where a 59 year old Syrian with kidney problems was rejected for asylum in Canada. Wouldn’t an almost-elderly refugee with a chronic condition be considered especially deserving of asylum? But he would be rejected if you applied the points system and processed him as a regular immigration applicant.

    There were other articles very soon after (in the Globe though, not the Star) which lamented how many of the inhabitants of Jordanian refugee camps were reluctant to come to Canada. This rather odd detail did not seem to give anyone pause, unless it was to gently chastise the mental backwardness of people who might not want to emigrate. The fact that some Syrians were loyal to their homeland and might actually want to go back there when the war ended seemed to baffle the journalists.

    Shining a light on this fact -that immigrants, including legitimate ‘refugees,’ are not anxious to come and why – might be what forces a rethiniking of the whole immigration issue among the bleeding hearts.

  • WalterBannon

    My new policy on immigration is emigration.

    A few more years till retirement and then I am abandoning this ship. Just need to find where to go. Ontario is going down the toilet and now with Turdeau the rest of the country is going down with them.