Gloomier future seen for Canadian immigration

With 35 per cent of male newcomers returning home and a growing middle class in developing countries less inclined to migrate, an internal government review is calling the future of Canadian immigration into question.

The report by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada also points to the challenge of reconfiguring an immigrant-selection system in a rapidly changing labour market where a growing number of jobs are temporary and there’s “increasing mismatch” of available skills and the skills in demand.

“What changes, if any, does Canada want to make to its current ‘managed migration,’ ” asked the 23-page study, titled Medium-Term Policy: Balanced Immigration and stamped “for internal discussion only.” “To what extent is the current overall immigration level appropriate and/or necessary?”

Experts call for ‘national conversation’ in view of challenges identified in government’s internal review.

Here’s your conversation, declare a moratorium on immigration from Muslim states and “refugee resettlement”.

End the family reunification program and the Temporary Foreign Workers program.

Focus on nations that were traditional sources of immigration rather than attempting to turn this country into a 3rd world “multicultural hellhole”.

Disclose fully to the public the number of “immigrants” in public housing and on welfare.

Immigration must serve the citizens of this nation, not corporate interests or the radical ideology of the vote whoring political class.

That’s a start.