Bundestag passes Armenia ‘genocide’ resolution unanimously, Turkey recalls ambassador

Germany’s Bundestag passed a resolution qualifying the Ottoman era Armenian killings as ‘genocide’. The lower house of parliament voted almost unanimously, with one vote against the motion and one abstention. House speaker Norbert Lammert spoke of a “remarkable majority.”

  • tom_billesley

    Good, now will Erdogan recall the rest of the Turks in Germany?

  • Truthhurts

    Erdogan doesn’t believe the Turks committed a genocide because their quran states, that “allah did it and not you”. Now he’s in the process of conducting a Kurdish genocide. Turkey is not an ally, they are the enemy. They should reroute the boats or just sink them. He’s sending the worst thugs over to Germany.

  • Dana Garcia

    Good. Finally someone said screw off to the creepy lyin Turks, They’ve gone full jihad anyway, can’t pretend it’s Attaturk’s country any more.

  • Oracle9

    It’s so well-documented that to deny the genocide proves Erdogan’s alliance with evil.


  • k2

    Erdogan seems to have a bit of a megalomania issue, as well as a bad temper: I predict that he opens the migrant floodgates on Europe again this summer to punish them, deal or no. It’s not going to be pretty.

  • Clinton

    100 years ago, the population of Turkey was about 20% Christian.
    Today it’s about 100,000 in a population of 70 million Turks, or
    about 0.15%. The Christian population in Turkey hasn’t pretty much
    disappeared because that country has been wonderfully hospitable
    to its non-Muslim minorities for the past century, and Erdogan isn’t
    sitting up at night trying to think up ways to foster religious diversity.

  • simus1

    Massacres of helpless Armenians and Assyrian Christians by muslim turks and arabs was very stressful for the sons of the prophet who were involved. You would think that scum like Erdogan would be publicly celebrating their long ago efforts.

    • UCSPanther

      They are doing the same doublethink as Holocaust Deniers. The Turks are trying to paint themselves as victims of “Armenian Aggression”, thus justifying their murder spree, while attempting to hide it for “public relations”.