Very inconsiderate lane change…

  • Gary

    I had many close calls on my motor cycle and learned the art of trying not to get in the position to be the victim of some moron behind the wheel .

    In Toronto where running a Red light is common, I would stop in the right lane and use the car in the left lane as a blocker as I did in Football . When the GREEN came on I was in no hurry and would left the car on my left pull away as I stayed near their rear wheel to reduce the impact if they were rammed by the car Running the Red .
    I never assume that a Stop sign assured me that the car approaching it would stop , so even on the side streets I watched for the nose of the car to dip which showed that the brakes were on .
    Rain caused new issues .

    As much as the Law has me in the Right , going up against the cars in the 1970’s that could be 2 metric tonnes could end up making me DEAD-Right about the Law.

    • I use those same techniques Today in Toronto in my car. Turn signals mean nothing here.

      • Gary

        Just last week as I waited by the curb for the Light to go green I noticed a women with her daughter that spoke in a foreign language that was quick to step off as the light when green.
        I put my arm out to stop them and pointed to car that didn’t seem to be stopping and I said to them to not assume it’s safe to cross juist because the light went GREEN .

        This intersection has been a mess for over 30 years now with no hope of any change because the TTC , City , police plus local businesses have had an interest in it where any meetings to resolve issues is like a moron
        convention .
        Cops make money on the NO Left Turn fines while the TTC street cars and buses want priority to get them flowing as the Business owners want better access to their stores by cars and Public transit and better postings for the Parking Machines , these machines will issue a PAID stub for the Window even while they is no Parking from 4-6 pm which has gotten cars towed away .

  • Doug Kursk

    My brother’s first big paycheque in the helicopter flying business saw him go out and buy a brand new 1975 Ducati 750 SS.

    One week later, he was in the hospital with two broken legs after a Chinese immigrant, who had been in the country one month, ‘borrowed’ his neighbours car and was racing home early on a Sunday morning after a booze filled night gambling in Chinatown.

    As he blew through the red light southbound on Parklawn Rd. My brother was going through the intersection Eastbound on the Queensway. The collision with the big Ford 4 door ripped the front end completely off the motorcycle and sent my brother flying nearly 25 ft into some bushes off the sidewalk.

    One second later, and the car would have hit him square on and he would not have survived. The Chinese man was spared jail and was fined only. My bro spent 8.5 months in Sunnybrooke and Western.

    The Chinese man today is a big shot lawyer in the Asian community, and has a history of DUI charges since the accident. He has never spent more than a night in jail.

  • Maggat

    If that happened in Richmond B.C. it would be perfectly understandable.