“Trump Is Our ‘Hail Mary Pass,’ Our Last Desperate Attempt To Salvage Something Of What America Was Before The Whirlwind Destroys The Last Of It”

“As an intellectually serious conservative who supports Trump, I’ll tell you the problem with “intellectually serious conservatism” as practiced on K Street, Wall Street, and the various precincts of power and money:

It’s a pack of lies.

Establishment conservatism is just an ideological smokescreen to camouflage the pauperization and dispossession of the American middle class for the benefit of a kakistocracy at the top and various special-interest client classes at the bottom.

My support for Trump is not based on his being an intellectually serious conservative, which he obviously isn’t.

I’m not sure if Trump can help our country. However, I DO know for sure that none of the establishment-approved candidates will do anything but enrich themselves and their friends at the expense of what is still the American majority.

Trump is our Hail Mary pass, our last desperate attempt to salvage something of what America was before the whirlwind destroys the last of it.”

  • Liberals and crony capitalist have nearly destroyed the goose laying the golden egg.

    Vote Trump 2016, or watch your children and grandchildren wonder why the goose has stopped laying.

    • The goose stopped laying ages. The farmers have just been propping up its carcass.

  • No.

    Voting in Trump will not undo the decades of damage done to the US or the West. It is merely a reaction to all the garbage inundating regular people.

    Pax Americana is gone. The best one can hope for is that the US remains stable and functional.

    • john700

      I agree. It is too late. The country is already the largest banana republic in the world.

      The Trump phenomenon is the traditionalists last stand. Even if he is elected, what could he do? Deport (or exterminate) the Mexican garbage? What about the black garbage (gangs, BLM) ? What about the white garbage (commies in the universities, greens, PETA, feminists, SJWs, LGBTs, Harambe mourners)? After 50 years of losses recorded by the conservatives in the cultural war, it would be impossible to reverse that. For sure, impossible within a democratic system.

      • Millie_Woods

        My thoughts exactly. But we have to try and in order to try, we have to start somewhere. I’m not really a Trump fan but he’s hated by everyone who I consider part of the problem and that’s as good a reason to support him as any.

        • john700

          OK, but after this, I will urge you to give up any hope in the electoral process and elected bodies.

          • V10_Rob

            Oh that hope was good and dead already.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          Trump may not solve our problems, but in standing up to the political and media elites, he is restoring our self-respect, and that is an important beginning. Furthermore, throughout the campaign, his work ethic has gone unremarked even though that may be his most positive attribute.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I have watched as many of his rallies as I can.
            Even when he does two a day sometimes.
            He’s practising and growing stronger.
            He’s not focus grouping in some back room.
            He’s trying out his lines written on crib sheets and riffing off the audiences without a teleprompter.

        • Blacksmith

          That is the only reason I am considering him as well.

      • I don’t think Trump is a traditionalist. He is a populist and over-confident (does he think he can talk down North Korea?).

        The US has many problems which will not fixed even if Trump gets into office. Some much depends on global as well as national stability. Who has that these days?

  • Tom Forsythe

    On M*A*S*H, the doctors performed what they called “meatball surgery.” They didn’t try to make the sutures pretty, they just patched the wounded up to the point they were healthy enough to travel to a real hospital.

    I see Trump as a sort of “meatball surgery” politician. It won’t be pretty, but he can stop the sucking chest wound of illegal immigration well enough for the next president to be able to deal with the rest.

    • If he accomplishes that it will place him alone among Presidents.

    • disqusW6sf

      Good positive idea. From a pessimistic maritimer – me.

  • jack burns

    Trump has reminded us that its fun not to take shit. Sounds corny but the movement he’s started is real, and is bigger than his candidacy.