The Myths of American Slavery

“…So how are 21st Century citizens of the United States obliged to “finally wrestle” with, in this case, the long-ago deaths of Africans who were enslaved by other Africans, forcefully driven for many miles through a Mozambique port and on to a Portuguese slave ship bound for Brazil, while the descendants of all those who actually participated in this event are allowed to be wistfully unconcerned and guilt-free?”

Global Slavery Index 2016

Global Slavery Index 2016 Top 21 Nations

  • If people are truly bothered by slavery, then do something about it. Qatar uses North Korean slaves as well as funds ISIS (which uses its own slaves).

    What? Can’t a mini-series be made about that?

  • canminuteman

    I’m curious about the Australia/New Zealand numbers.

    • B__2

      If you look at the web site linked, all the following countries have the same rate: 0.018%, namely United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, and Luxembourg. The likelihood that each of these countries has exactly the same rate of slavery is virtually nil, so the figures are almost certainly based on the assumption that the “natural” rate of “some form of modern slavery” for Western Civilization is 0.018%, then adjusted upwards for particular countries. The huge influx of muslim ‘refugees’ into the above named countries is almost certain to push some of these countries (like Germany, Denmark and Sweden) above the 0.018% in the near future due to slavery being islamicly-approved behaviour.

  • Dana Garcia

    Tom Sowell has written very sensibly about slavery. The first few minutes of this video are top notch.

  • simus1

    The lack of prominence or high number figures for the historic slavery hot spots in Africa and arabia seem “counterintuitive”.

    • B__2

      I guess the proponents want to concentrate your attention on the non-family slavery, otherwise many countries such as Saudi Arabia rate might go above 50% if you included the girls and women living and working in slave conditions in an extended family.

      With around 19 million Saudi Arabian citizens and around 9 million foreign workers, you could have up to 18 million slaves (9.5 million Saudi females plus 8.5 million foreign worker slaves) in a country containing 28 million people in the worst case, meaning that you have a rate of 66% slavery in Saudi Arabia. Why classify almost all of the foreign workers as possible slaves? Approximately 100k of the foreign workers are westerners, the vast majority are Indians, Pakistanis, Yemenis, Bangladeshis, etc, almost without exception lowly paid manual workers. Every foreign worker has to leave their passports to their KSA employer, and they are only allowed to leave the country if their employer gives back their passports: supposedly this is to prevent foreigners leaving their KSA job within the first three months, but good luck on ever getting it back without a fight. Pay and living conditions for the lowly paid worker are widely criticised – what else would you expect where you can’t quite your job and can’t leave the country without your (ex-)employer agreeing?

      And then there’s the foreign females employed as maids. A country where a female will be arrested for being out of a home without a male relative and nobody is going to confront a neighbour about a screaming woman in the dead of night. Truly a nightmare for a Philippine maid working in an culture where women are only half the value of a man, and non-muslim women worth even less. Add to this the religious doctrine that captured enemy (non-muslim) women can be made into sex slaves, and you will find a huge number of maids being treated as sex slaves in Saudi Arabia, unable to quit, unable to escape.

  • Spatchcocked

    The Australian/New Zealand numbers represent guys like me that are willing slaves to their wives….we DO exist you know…

    • B__2

      How off those shackles and free yourself! Then get your wife to make you a sandwich and a beer!

      • Justin St.Denis

        Sensing I might be a tad hungry about an hour ago, my wife made me a fantastic sushi roll and served it up with a side of seaweed salad and a glass of Chardonnay, all while I noodled on the Internet. I think I’ll drive to St. Jacob’s tomorrow – a favourite food-shopping destination of hers – and let her “go to town”, so to speak. I will play the role of “beast of burden”. And I will smile through it all.

        True love is a two-way street.

        • Minicapt

          You’ll give her two dollars to spend??


          • Justin St.Denis

            So…you know of women who would be happy with that? Maybe that is your problem. Leave the “cheap seats” section. There are quality fillies out there looking for thoroughbred studs. 😉

          • Clink9

            Phhhht, I make $98 an hour on the internets and drive a McLaren GT ….

          • Justin St.Denis

            Then why let the cheap seats live rent-free in your head?

            BTW, I suspect you are a primo bullshitter. People who quote their alleged hourly earnings betray themselves…

          • Clink9

            Uuuuum, I’m just repeating one of spammers that post in this section daily.

          • Justin St.Denis

            That wasn’t clear. OK.

          • Americadies

            Like Michelle, do you also pimp your kids?

          • Clink9

            You must be new here.

          • Americadies

            How do you defend these people?

        • Americadies

          Smart man I used to do the same with my dear wife, she loved shopping in Savannah and Charleston. We would leave Tybee for her excursions after I had a day of great fishing.

  • Me Here

    I call bullshit! No Middle East or African Countries mentioned at all. HELLO

  • Americadies

    Americans have done more to fight and eradicate slavery than any nation on earth and yet liberals bemoan her existence.
    Does anyone see these very same liberals and race pimps protesting in North Korea, Iran or Africa?
    Of course not facts do not fit their agenda.
    It is time Americans began eradicating liberals when ever they speak up.