Rally against euthanasia at Parliament Hill today

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Are Not The Answer

Join the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, the Living with Dignity Network and the Physicians Alliance Against Euthanasia for a demonstration on Parliament Hill on Wednesday June 1, 2016 (12 noon to 1:30 pm).

To ride the bus from Toronto for the Rally. Contact: Bernadette Cheng at: 647-221-8410.

The Supreme Court of Canada imposed a June 6 deadline upon parliament to pass a bill to regulate euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. Parliament could follow the Supreme Court decision and still protect Canadians from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Bill C-14 is a dangerous bill that does not protect vulnerable Canadians. Bill C-14 provides a perfect cover for murder.


Reality check: The original Supreme Court decision demanded assistance with suicide in specific cases, but no one with any knowledge of how these things go will believe that.

After all, if death is a good thing, why shouldn’t infants, children, and incompetent adults have access to it? That’s how it has gone in world euthanasia leader, Belgium.

What most people don’t, won’t, and can’t see is that once killing humans post-birth is institutionalized,

– trust with health care workers will be broken (old people afraid to go to the hospital, with good reason)

– one will be asked to take part in strange events, such as the celebration of the life of a person who was murdered (in the traditional meaning of the word), and many who privately dissent will go anyway for career reasons or to stay safe or to prove they’re nice

– traditional religious people will become suspected of “hate” because they regard the deaths as murder. Various sanctions will follow.
– investigation of any wrongdoing will be very difficult due to “medical privacy issues”

Anyone who thinks that medical committees or judges will be much help should remember the laughable “therapeutic abortion committee” that Trudeau senior put in place, to assuage guilt, which was, of course, abolished later. Essentially, once the death of the child was declared to be legal and justifiable, why should a committee’s consent be required?

But this situation was long in the making, and the pro-life movement, by failing to even communicate effectively with the public, was one of the factors, unfortunately.

Note: A ban on aborting Australian babies after 24 weeks has failed. That will make infant euthanasia easier.

On the other hand, in Poland, “Hospital stops abortions after every single doctor signs pledge refusing to do them” Wonder how long that’ll last? It’s going to be tough to save lives today. On the other hand, maybe we can get some Canadian abortionists to move there.

See also: Cf. Taiwan vet commits suicide over putting dogs to sleep ( “A (human) life is no different from a dog’s; I will die from the same drugs that we use to put dogs peacefully to sleep.”) Indeed. Far more people were concerned when the gorilla Harambe was euthanized than would have been concerned if the child who fell into his enclosure was. This is a cultural choice because nearly half of the products of our education systems do not think that humans are special anymore.

They will suffer much before they learn, and will lose everything they valued in the process.

  • Best of luck to them.

    • k2

      Yup. There are only so many ways that people can demonstrate their dissatisfaction to the powers that be, and this is one of them. So have at it, guys and gals – just don’t neglect other avenues of protest, such as directly contacting MPs through letters and emails.

    • k2

      Yup. There are only so many ways that people can demonstrate their dissatisfaction to the powers that be, and this is one of them. So have at it, guys and gals – just don’t neglect other avenues of protest, such as directly contacting MPs through letters and emails.

  • G

    The rally should be held in front of the supreme court. They are the morality-free turds that, once again, rammed their own personal biases down our throats.

    • G

      Let’s see if the CPC actually has any balls. If they did they would fighting like hell to delay this thing until the deadline passes to shove it in the social engineering court’s face.

      But the CPC having any balls? Nah, I’m dreaming.

      • Won’t happen. We have a “New” CPC, less fibre with added less fibre.

        • I’d like to discuss this, but need input. Why would the PC party not try to unite the public around this issue by explaining what it really mean and how it will affect us all? The lack of meaningful, useful opposition is surprising.

          • G

            Because that is exactly what they are; the PC party. Progressive Conservatives — Politically Correct.

            There isn’t much conservative about it anymore.

  • NoPasaran

    Let’s face it: the concept has been introduced to us over the years for the simple purpose of getting people used to the idea that the old should not get any sort of serious, costly medical treatment.

    Basically, it’s what they did in East Germany. When you’re no longer economically productive for the state, you go to the back of the line where you will be urged to expire quietly “with your loving family around you.”

    • Exactly.

      This move is an economic one. That it has found support points to the rot in society.

      How many medical advancements have come out of Belgium and the Netherlands since they’ve legalised euthanasia?

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  • granny47

    We all knew this was coming eventually though didn’t we? If the life of an innocent babe in the womb is not valued it’s only a matter of time before they want to eliminate the useless old eaters that use up so many medicare dollars in the last years of their life.

    • Well, the Liberals have already exhausted their pensions, so…