Palestinians: Sex in Gaza City

Sex is a taboo topic in the conservative Palestinian society. So it came as a nasty surprise to many when the rampant sexual harassment in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip was recently brought to public attention.

A damning report, entitled “Gaza: Sexual Harassment and Bribery Chase Job-Seekers,” was published in the Beirut-based, Hezbollah-affiliated newspaper Al-Akhbar. Amjad Yaghi, the young Palestinian journalist who wrote the exposé, showed extraordinary courage in doing so.

Hamas, needless to say, was not amused.

  • Martin B

    Goats know all about sex and Islam.

    • They really need a better lobby.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      It looks like this goat is taking it up the ass.

    • Alain

      Not all goats. My goats are all Buddhists but they do not require any sex ed when it comes to goat sex. Nor are they into cross species sex, trans sex, homosexual or lesbian sex. They have no confusion about their sex (gender) either.

  • Reader
  • Hard Little Machine

    Most Arab men are on the down low. Everyone knows that. Arab society is the most gay and in the closet in the world. You don’t come to literally demand the extermination of all women accidentally.

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