#IStandWithHateSpeech – Calls to ban ‘silent march’ by Pegida in Muslim pedophile grooming gang capital of Rotherham

Representatives of the Muslim community in Rotherham have asked for the police to ban a march by an anti-Islamic group through Rotherham on Saturday.

The Pegida group, led by English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, is planning a ‘silent walk’ in the town on Saturday afternoon in relation to the town’s child sexual exploitation scandal.

  • roccolore

    And the police will cave to the sickos.

  • John

    Edge of the City, a Channel 4 documentary about child sex grooming, was
    withdrawn from broadcast because “a variety of pressure groups, along
    with West Yorkshire Police, attempted to block” the film from being
    shown. To quote the Guardian: “Groups such as Unite Against Fascism, the
    1990 Trust, and the National Assembly Against Racism began to flood
    Channel 4 with requests to delay transmission. The Chief constable of
    West Yorkshire, Colin Cramphorn, joined the call, and Channel 4

    Excerpt from Anne Marie Waters review of ‘Easy Meat’

    The Media, the pols and the police are all in cahoots to quash this.

    • Thanks, it was a despicable episode, many more should have lost their jobs than did.

      • John

        The neglect on the part of some authorities was downright criminal. They should have lost their jobs AND been jailed.

        • Dogandcat

          It’s not neglect. Or stupidity. Or ingnorance. It’s planned. Keeping the serfs quiet until it’s all over and done. Europe gone under jihad, the califate.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Hate Speech” is nothing more than free speech that challenges the left’s false narratives about the world.

    We need “hate speech” now more than ever.

    • Alain

      Hear! Hear!

      • Marionrherbert

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  • Editor

    Tell you what. Stop trying to curtail PEGIDA members right to assembly and free speech and just organize your own “It was only 1400 white girls, over a 20 year period. What’s the problem” march next Saturday.