How the Democratic Party Ruined Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia has not been governed by a Republican mayor since 1879. Most significant is the fact that the city has been led exclusively by Democrats since the 1960s and early ’70s, the period when the Democratic Party emphatically broke away from centrist liberals and fell predominantly under the sway of its far left wing, a course which it still follows to this day.

  • Editor

    Surprising, considering the stellar job they did in Detroit.

    • Gary

      They took over around 1964 and the corruption in the Unions and City bankrupt Detroit . So sad that those retired City managers getting $120,000.00 a year fell for the ponze scheme and will end up with nothing once the Courts rule those contract Void .
      Wynne and Toronto are doing the same thing and it’s the teachers that will bankrupt us quicker as they retire at 55 with over $60,000 a year that is indexed like the MP’s at the trough in Ottawa.

  • Alain

    It would be quicker to identify a city or state that they have not ruined, and I shall not even mention the whole country. Other than lining their own pockets and bank accounts, including off shore ones, they bring misery to those who work for a living. It is the same with the Canadian Liberals and NDP. Until recently you just got your poverty and misery quicker with the NDP, but that no longer holds true.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Not Dems, black people.
    Portland has been under Democratic controll for as long as Detroit, but Portland is still livable.
    The Dems do not help the situation at all, but that isn’t the real reason.
    This premise is a bright, shinning, feel-good lie.