Gotham Goes National

The core of the Trump Phenomenon is the question of freedom of expression.

Donald Trump has come to be seen by both his enemies and his supporters as the living embodiment of a potential revival of the American tradition of free speech after the Obama ice age of political correctness. Trump’s backers tend to believe they have more to gain from frank, outspoken debate (whether in pragmatic advantages or simply in entertainment value), while his opponents assume that they, personally, have more to lose from a return to a freer market for ideas.

  • simus1

    The hard left marxists will consider a Trump regime to be what they can best play off of going forward to capture total control of the DemocRat Party. That presupposes their bankers, foreign and domestic, don’t wilt in the face of a Trump who enjoys playing hardball and jailing their criminal asses.

  • jack burns

    Progs need circumspection like chickens need corn.