Fear of Islamism in Vienna

It was on 9/11, but not in 2001 and not in New York.

Rather, it was September 11, 1683, when Europe stopped the invading Islamic armies at the Gates of Vienna, marking the end of the Islamic conquest of Europe.

That is, until now. The Battle of Vienna took place after the city had been besieged by 300,000 jihadis of the Ottoman Caliphate for two months.

  • k2

    It’s rather nice and unusual to see this sort of fairly blunt (it contains several descriptions of recent Islamic migrant crimes in Europe) in a “mainstream” paper – as much as the Sun is mainstream. I also personally liked the way Fatah ended the piece, with his advice to a couple of Austrian muslims on how to tell if they were integrating into Austrian society:

    “When you think of the 1683 Siege of Vienna, if you feel for the besieged inside the city walls, you have integrated. But if you cheer for the Ottomans, you have not.” Not a bad rule of thumb, really.

    • It will become increasingly rare in Canada.

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  • pdxnag

    If they gather in your streets on Friday to impose Islamic supremacy then you must surround them and expel the entire gathering from your home.

  • ed

    a little known fact , every time a ” croissant ” is eaten it is a symbolic destruction of the Islamic crescent moon .which then passes through the gut into the cess pit along with all the other ” shit ” invented by Austrian bakers to celebrate the defeat of the otterman muslim invading armies

    • canminuteman

      Our local bakery just starting producing croissants. Not as good as I have had in Paris, but better than most I have had in Canada. I will have to go get some for Sunday breakfast.

      For the record, apparently the reason you can’t get a really good croissant in Canada is because Canadian Milk Marketing Board approved butter has a higher moisture content than the butter that they use in France for baking croissants. Blame it on our Stalinist marketing board.