Dozens of demonstrators lie in body bags on Parliament Hill to protest euthanasia bill

OTTAWA, June 1, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Dozens of men, women, and even children crawled into white body bags and lay dead-like on Parliament Hill this afternoon under a hot sun and clear blue skies to demonstrate against the Liberal government’s controversial euthanasia bill that would allow doctors to kill their patients in the name of “healthcare.”

  • Rosenmops

    I’ve developed a very bad knee recently. I’ve seen a couple of doctors and they spoke to me like I was an old horse that was washed up and ready for the glue factory.

    Knee replacement surgery was mentioned but it take many months to even get an MRI and an appointment with a specialist, and then a 2 year wait for surgery.

    But hey…Trudeau thinks we have enough resources to invite everyone in the world to Canada along with all their elderly relatives. .

    • Gary

      I was looking at the Medical DATA for the alleged child obesity and didn’t find any because it’s a hoax where the U.N. changed the definition of a child from the old limit of 12 to the new 18 years old . This is why we are getting teenage refugees that come here with a parent and make a separate claim.

      But back to your point , there was a rise in weight for “children” 15-17 which started this hoax but I also saw the worse spike in weight gain
      for people over 74 years or age.
      I was puzzled because of the stories by the NDP of senior’s Poverty and how they buy cat food while I see many of then very thin . So how did these Canadians suddenly turn 75 and jump 13% in their weight.

      Hmmmmmm…..BING , it hit that these stats were Mean Numbers for people and it was the Immigrants that sponsored their obese parents or grand parents to parachute in and skew the DATA.
      Don’t buy the child obesity scam because because it’s being push by a non-profit group which I bet is tied to the Government that wants a new TAX on snack foods to bail out the spending monkey on their back .

    • Waffle

      Sorry about your knee, I know exactly how you feel, but if you have the $$$, cross the border.

    • mauser 98

      a friend is waiting 5 months for a cancer test

  • Gary

    Justin and Wynne need the money for refugees that are future voters. So why not pressure the seniors that build canada and served in WW2 to just gop off and kill yourself you racists selfish white privilege oppressor burdeing the heath care ….die already so Syrians can get free dental care and Heath care for their 8 children.

    I’ll think about this and if all the Liberal MP’s and Ontario’s MPPs sign their Will to pull the plug when they are beyond recovery….then I’ll believe that Wynne really cares about ending the suffering and not catering to immigrants and refugees to buy their votes with free stuff.
    Does this mean that the screw-up and depressed trans teens can end their lives with dignity instead of a violence suicide ????

  • seaoh

    Remember when western MEn lived by the motto “when the going gets tough the tough get going?” now we have become a culture of “when the going gets tough kill yourself and save us the money.”