Bosses CAN ban Muslim headscarves from the workplace – so long as they also ban Christian religious symbols, EU lawyer rules

Companies should be allowed to ban Islamic headscarves, hijabs, from the workplace, but only if all other religious and political symbols are banned as well, an EU court adviser has said.

If visible religious or political symbols are banned as part of company dress code or uniform policy, the hijab should not be exempt, an adviser to the European Court of Justice said on Tuesday.

Advocate General Juliane Kokott said that while an employee cannot ‘leave’ sex, ethnicity, age or disability ‘at the door’, he or she may be expected to moderate exercise of religion in the workplace.

  • Ban Moslem headscarves.
    Ban Christian headscarves.

    That’s equality.

    • Yes.

    • tom_billesley
      • Marionrherbert

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  • Ford Prefect

    The burka is not a religious symbol it is enslavement. Idiot.

    • Or a political statement. Regardless it has no place in the West, nor does Islam, as evil a cult as ever existed.

      • Ford Prefect

        Islam will eventually be the down fall of Progressives their hate for Christianity is so powerful it has caused them to side with an Evil that hates them more then Christians. The interesting thing, it is the excommunicate’s countries in the EU and Russia that are pushing back against this. Who would have thought Russia would be the defender of the faith. When they liberated that city in Syria and had the symphony play their it was a sign to the world. This is what civilization looks like.

        Don’t get me wrong, Putin is not Mr. Nice Guy but he falls in the catagory of the Enemey of My Enemey is my friend .

        • Linda1000

          And I’m still pissed that Canada caved, as usual, and let that Pakistani woman wear her niqab while taking her citizenship oath. WTF is wrong with Canada? The judge who ruled against the Cons. gov’t. when she sued has now set a precedent to help more infiltration of sharia.

  • favill

    For all those Trekkie geeks. The EU reminds me of the episode in the “Next Generation” when the Enterprise helps out a planet with androgynous people (they looked neither male nor female and they all wore exactly the same clothing). I think the EU is trying to get themselves to that state.

  • Brenda

    Clothing is not a symbol. Especially not a full face mask.

  • WalterBannon

    or you can just choose to not hire muslims

    • bargogx1

      But, but, that’s “Islamophobic”!