B.C. man accused of running terror camp pens letter to Justin Trudeau

A man accused of running a terror training camp near Mission, B.C. has written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

An Indian media report alleged Hardeep Nijjar has been running a terror training camp, training Sikh youth to potentially carry out attacks in the state of Punjab.

  • Gary

    Thanks to Multiculturalism this is not News any more where Canadians are shocked.
    There were almost 260 canadians killed by two sikh terrorism back in 1985 which the media covers up as they do for Muslims terrorists because it doesn’t fit the Liberal canada narrative that the old canada was racist and all cultures are equal.
    In the 1990 I started to see the children of non-white immigrants coming into the workplace and no matter how nice they were there was a theme about their version of reality causing them to see racism everywhere even when their Parents freely entered Canada and got jobs and a house.

    It’s only gotten worse and now we have the BLM terrorists linked tot he Muslim Brotherhood that loves to exploit the lower IQ strata of Blacks that are victims of their own short comings as are many poor white folks stuck with a low IQ parent .

  • lolwut?

    Dude has a damn big house for just being a simple plumber and on top of that his lawyer is in New York.

    Should be interesting to hear what the locals have to say about anything they’ve been seeing and hearing, that part of the lower mainland isn’t somewhere you
    can run a shooting range without anyone knowing about it..