Affirmative action in action? Missing girl explains why she ran away

Mean racist whites have been saying for decades that affirmative action at the college level is bad for blacks.

Nayla Kidd

  • This is how you ruin people.

  • mauser 98

    worked real good for Barry & Mooch

  • Hard Little Machine

    No doubt she’ll find someone help her sue Columbia for not providing a culturally sensitive education.

  • Dana Garcia

    Photos of squawking protesters at places like Mizzou just scream affirmative action. It’s a lot easier to spend time protesting against the imperfection of the world than to write a well researched paper.

  • Daviddowntown

    Off topic but maybe not so much.

    Michelle Obama has been handed a golden pass to easy street ever since she got into Princeton University and wrote a senior thesis demonstrating her difficulty writing and spelling the English Language at a 10th grade level. She got a made-up job at over $300,000 a year when her husband became a US Senator, and when she moved to the White House nobody was needed or appointed to replace her.

  • Frances

    This issue has been around for quite some time, but anyone who tried to say that the local state university might be a better fit for these kids has been totally vilified. Even back in the day there was an issue with bright kids from the small rural and semi-rural towns adjusting to life in the big city and in very anonymous classes. There was no affirmative action involved, either, it was more of a “fish out of water” issue. Rather suspect the same for this young woman, and hope she finds her way.