A Terror State of the West’s Making

Warning of potential terrorist attacks throughout that continent, the State Department has issued a travel alert for Europe. Such moves are a sobering indication of how Europe’s authorities have allowed this threat to get completely out of hand. In both Brussels and Paris, we have witnessed a network of Islamic State militants conceal themselves in the heart of Europe, only to unleash a series of well-organized terror attacks. Islamist fighters trained in Syria posed as refugees, infiltrated Europe, and then moved freely across the borderless continent that the European Union has bestowed upon its citizens.

  • DMB
    • Hell yes.

    • Gary

      Obama had the chance to send in just 5 A-10 warthogs during this victory parade to create the Highway of death as we saw in Iraq.
      As soon as I that Obama allowed this I knew he was on their side because Benghazi was the weigh station for arms being sent to rebels and that’s why Hillary and Obama conspired to cover-up the 4 deaths because the CIA’s link to this would have come out .
      My guess is that Hillary and Barry hoped that the witnesses would be killed , then they had phase 2 where they blamed in on a Youtube video that incited peaceful muslims to riot and kill.
      They both didn’t give adman the Stevens was gay, Obama gave the gays the same-gender marriage to shut them up and now the scam is the trans-gender issue in hope to make it to November 2016 .
      Illegals and the flood of muslms refugees lets the Dem’s play the race card and islamphobia against Trump as the brain-dead weasels in the media eat this up .

  • simus1

    Err, don’t tell anyone else, but most of those custom spec “technicals” were made at the Texas assembly plant to fill a special contract with American specials forces buyers who were doing some shopping for their “Syrian friends”. Like so many middle east “friends” of Americans, once they got delivery it turned out they were bigger friends of isis.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Western Europe is so fucked. Until the EU is dissembled and nation states reassert their identities and borders, we will not know which western European countries DESERVE our tourism. It will be a while before we travel to any western European destinations. Israel, Slovakia and Hungary remain high on our “re-visit a.s.a.p. list”.

  • Alain

    That hasn’t stopped Obama or Trudeau from bringing them in by the plane loads. Clearly the State Department prefers not to connect the dots.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Their import fits in with Obama’s jihad agenda.