Why is Europe so fed up?

It is nearly midnight and the sound of bongo drums is beating out across Paris’s Place de la Republique where several hundred people are drinking beer, smoking weed and – as one of their numbers says – “bearing witness”.

Witness to what, exactly, is not immediately clear. The mostly young crowd is gathered under a banner that says “Nuit Debout” – which roughly translates as “Rise up at Night” – but beyond that there are few clues as to what unites the protesters gathered under the watchful gaze of several hundred riot police.

  • Gary

    i have over heard a few non-whites in Toronto that support the Jihadists in Paris and blame it on the French the put muslims in ghettos and won’t give them jobs.
    This sounds like propaganda to set-up muslims here for riots and torching cars because many of them make a refugee claims to get Welfare and go into a welfare ghetto while the women are forced into a costume that makes them unemployable.

    I’m seeing pattern where islamsists flood a nation with muslims that are unskilled and make refugee claims to go on welfare so that in the future they can exploit the children of these useful idiots that they are victims of non-muslims that are oppressing you and you must do jihad and fight for the rights.

    i don’t see any valid reason why islamic jihad and riots won’t happen here , the quran orders muslims to claim the World for the caliphate where ever they live. My guess is that Thorncliff park will be the first grand Jihad riot and torching of cars because that’s where Wynne allowed the jew-hating homophobic pro-sharia Mosque in the public school.
    Their demands were met for that and they won’t stop at just a school to claim for allah, they will dominate the whole area from the bridge to Dom Mills rd and want it as an islamic State funded by tax payers to keep their school and welfare money coming in .
    The Kipling and Dixon rd is mostly Somali’s and they aren’t too bright to organize anything so I doubt they want the same hell-hole they fled with morons running it since we still have many if them on welfare from when they came here ion the early 1990’s. No the most self motivated people on Earth and have yet to produce just one successful person in business or Politics outside to Government grants or a Diversity quota spot on some useless Liberal panel for poverty among muslims .

  • John

    You’d think that after Bataclan the french would know better.