Video: Guy gets electrocuted at internet cafe, virtually no one gives a damn

Forget about Jake… it’s China

  • Justin St.Denis

    Leave a comment? What can one possibly say about this?

    • It’s bizarre.

    • Gary

      It does remind me of a movie that starts out where a groups of people witness a car crash where the driver is dead .
      The cops show up and want to get a story from them on what happened. One guy get upset that he tried to help and I can’t tell you any more about the victim ……..I’ve got to go somewhere and I haven’t even had breakfast yet .
      Hmmm, lets see, help the cops with the dead guy….grab breakfast…..hmmm.

  • Clink9

    Don’t show Turdo, he’ll want to bring more of these higher life forms into Canada.

  • kkruger71

    My mind is on that kick again where everything reminds me of the Eloi for The Time Machine.

    • Sometimes I start thinking that Jurassic Park can serve as a metaphor for almost everything. Not so much the “don’t play God” stuff, but the thing about the really dangerous zoo.

      It always passes, though. At the moment I don’t think Jurassic Park is a metaphor for anything a all.

  • bullnuke

    Not surprising to me. Saw similar in an ethnic-Chinese neighborhood in Singapore years ago. Guy hit by a car and lying in a ditch – everyone just walked by without a look. Five hours later I went back by the scene in a pedicab and..yep, he was still there in the ditch but his shoes and clothing were gone, stolen off his cold body.

  • Incredible.

    The machines.

  • Gary

    There was video of person that got ran over by a truck and nobody did anything as more vehicles hit them .
    I guess when Canada hits over 1 billion and most are in the 5 major cities nobody will bother to worry about I fellow human. Look at the 1.5 billion muslims and the way they slaughter each other and it’s non-muslims expected to rescue them .

  • BillyHW

    I think the wiring was made in China.