US gun documentary admits using the editing trick you know everyone’s using

‘I questioned her and the editor about the pause and was told that a ‘beat’ was added for, as she described it, ‘dramatic effect”

Anyone who has seen more than a handful of reality shows and documentaries is probably familiar with this setup:

– Person A says something to Person B

– *Shot of Person B looking confused* (not necessarily from same part of conversation)

– Person B speaks after a pause, or says nothing at all

It’s an editing technique used to add drama, tension or awkwardness to a situation, and Katie Couric’s recent Under the Gun documentary has been caught out.

  • mauser 98

    …Chicongo has strictest gun laws

    More Than 60 Shot in Chicago Memorial Day Weekend Violence

    • Brutal.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      It’s their way of life…who are we to criticize?

  • Martin B

    Imagine all the poor suckers who’ve been raped by the MSM like this and had no audio recordings to back them up.

  • Exile1981

    In an interview or a documentary editting this way is unethical. It’s fine in a fictional show but never in an interview.

    • Daviddowntown

      No one would ever accuse the likes of couric of being ethical.

    • andycanuck

      But 60 Minutes is a fictional show!

      • Exile1981

        Then should have a disclaimer on the show admitting that.

        • Alain

          Should but won’t.

  • terrence

    I read somewhere that if you take black on black gun murders out the USA gun murder numbers, the good ol’ UsofA has a gun murder rate that is almost identical to the gun murder rate in Canada (the difference is statistically insignificant).

  • V10_Rob