‘This is for my Syrian brothers, I’m going to spill your blood’

Somalian ‘cut innocent Tube passenger’s throat and attacked four others before he was stopped by police with Tasers’

  • Exile1981

    tasers suck. we all know the judge will give him a wrist slap for this. it would have been better if the bobbies had fatally shot him.

    • I don’t think they carry guns. They have to call gunmen in.

      • Alain

        I think they call it an armed response team they have to request. Things are usually too late by that time.

        • UCSPanther

          As I have mentioned before, that approach has allowed killers like Anders Brevik, the Charlie Hebdo terrorists and the Paris terrorists to attack with relative impunity while the police struggle to get their gear together.

  • DVult

    Passersby should have beaten this guy to a pulp.

    • Blacksmith


    • Bataviawillem

      This ain’t Russia.

  • Ed

    “…At the time of the attack, he was living in a one-bedroom council flat, not far from the Tube station and was receiving unemployment benefit.”

    Just awesome… England is done.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Nothing to do with Islam……

    • Gary

      No doubt the BBC will try to distance islam and have a staged debate as usual with 20% of the audience being muslims that are just 5% of the population.
      The BBC will drag out the Imam that doesn’t want to kill us while the Host sets-up the questions and cuts off people making a points that prove islam is violent from the start. .

      • Will Quest


  • Ford Prefect

    This will help the lets stay in the EU vote like a bull helps a china shop.