That Muslim woman who tried to shame the Tories is no Conservative

This weekend’s Conservative Party convention in Vancouver had the vibe of a Maoist “struggle session” about it — or at least that’s how the press is choosing to cover it. The party is grappling with its future and reflecting on its past, with heavy, heavy pressure being exerted to admit the past in question was just one long, dark slog of homophobia, racism, climate-change denial, and Muslim-bashing.

Urz Heer Muslim 5th Columnist

Urz Heer infiltrated the Conservative Convention. The sad news is the CPC leadership fell for it. That’s ethnic pandering of the worst sort. Goodbye CPC.

  • truepeers

    In that picture, the two princesses are at a Sikh event. Heer is, i believe, a Punjabi surname. Is she even really a Muslim? Crazy convert?

    • She’s $%^&*(

    • andycanuck

      I was wondering about the sari-wearing too as that’s definitely NOT Islamic.

  • ismiselemeas

    That’s a sikh event?

  • CodexCoder

    But in the name of political correctness, you cannot give a true name to what is in front of you, lest someone be offended. So rather than give offense, you walk, then stand and finally sit with one who would gladly do you harm and act all surprised when you get burnt. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves – advice which goes unheard.

  • Jim Horne

    Who is Urz Heer?

    We’re still a long, long way from answering that question. Until that question can be fully answered, readers are at best getting a partial picture of this person.

    Every aspect of this woman’s life needs to be fully vetted. We need to know who she is. We need to know from where did she come (cradle to grave). We need to have a complete picture of her life and her affiliations.

    There’s something that’s more than just a little bit fishy here.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Well after she was rejected by the Cons her brain ideas changed.

  • Gary

    The old Canada is dead.
    Justin wants to keep Quebec a White Catholic quasi-Nation as he turns the ROC into a Nation of Nations where the future for Ontario and other Prov’s belong to those that can out breed all other Minorities to then import and impose the Hell-hole culture and religion they fled .

    Imam Steve Rockwell spoke freely on a 640am radio show to claim that Canada will be an islamic State one day because we muslims are out breeding all other groups. The quran orders muslims to do jihad to claim the land for allah once they are the majority in a non-islamic nation.

    The RCMP keeps wanting more money to monitor Mosques or muslim areas but all they need to do is watch Imam Rockwell’s TV where he spews this to young muslims , plus just listen to the radio show that was archived where he calls for treason to do jihad to claim Canada for the Caliphate.

    Imam Rockwell had the nerve to cover his butt by posting a pro-islam sign on the TTC subway system where he claim that Muslim are loyal to canada and will protect us.
    This is pure BS by a taqiyyah weasel that said that We Muslims will dominate to make Canada an islamic State. He bashes the Jews when he gets the chances and cries islamophobia which is a ruse to incite young muslims to do armed Jihad because Rockwell and Sheema Khan paint canada as at war with Muslims.

    sadly , even after several Terrorism slaughters by muslims that kills thousands, Justin and Liberals will stay in denial and open the doors to more islamists that want to kill us.