Come and Get Me, You Fairies!

TrannyNormally I wouldn’t subject you to two columns in a row about Canadian goings-on, but I see my new topic has already been deemed worthy of attention here, at “The Week That Perished.”

“Canada Proposes Imprisonment for Anti-Tranny ‘Hate Speech’” topped the list

  • Clink9

    That was probably my favourite article from Kathy I’ve read.

    • I will tell her that.

      • Clink9

        Thanks, it shows how many freedoms we have lost since the boys came home from WW 2 in Canada.

  • ontario john

    Is everyone excited! Tomorrow is the start of homosexual sex month in Ontario. Yes a full month of celebrations. But don’t worry July has parades as well. Because nothing is more important in Sunny Ways Ontario, than homosexual sex, except maybe whiny indians and muslims.

    • And what about Canada Day?

      It’s time to have a Muslim Pride Day and a Russian Nationalist Pride Day on the same day and time as the gays do.

      Let what will happen happen.

    • Clink9

      Sodomy never gets old for these guys.

  • JoKeR

    They’ll never get us alive!

    We’ll die laughing at them first.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I was in a public washroom at a mall a few weeks ago. Maybe three or four other men were there, too, when a very small Hispanic biker with greasy hair and lotsa leather walks in and goes directly into a toilet cubicle. Two guys were washing their hands and broke up laughing. Says one: “I hope that tranny actually has a few lines to share. Otherwise, we should just beat her up!”

      Female-to-male trannies are SO FUNNY that it is hard not to laugh at them. Making laughter illegal will prove a stretch even for Shiny Pony.

      Male-to-female trannies can be so funny or so horrific looking that people do tend to GASP when they realize what they are looking at. Making being surprised illegal will also prove a stretch for Shiny Pony.

      Let’s face it! Transgendered people are a hoot and a holler!

  • Gary

    Note how Justin didn’t hire 2 tranny Nannies.