America’s Habit of Losing Won Wars

I was busy Memorial Day with my family, culminating in the traditional hamburger dinner. But all the while I was haunted by the images I have seen in the past few years visiting America’s immaculately maintained military cemeteries — not only Arlington National Cemetery but also its overseas offspring in, inter alia, Tunisia, Manila, and Normandy. All are spare and beautiful, fitting monuments to the men and women who fell so that we may be free. So many crosses, along with some Stars of David — so much pain, so much sacrifice, so much heroism and in so many places. It’s hard to comprehend fully when you are a coddled civilian living in the luxury that these fighting men made possible.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    World War II was the last war in which we demanded that the enemy unconditionally surrender. What happened afterwards I blame on the UN, which repeatedly sought to deny victory to any embroiled member trying to conduct itself in accordance with the Charter.

    • Gary

      True, there have been about 160 Wars of which the UN only sanctioned 3 of them to get involved and stop the blood shed.
      The Korean war was only a Truce agreement left to fester which is now a Nuclear threat thanks to the UN.

      Millions slaughtered in small wars while the UN sat on their hands and yet today they want to flood the West with pro-sharia devout muslims with a history of armed jihad slaughters.
      Scrap the UN and start a United Democratic Nations with moral codes to joins and moral obligations to stop islamic barbarism by vapourizing the terrorists for good and not to coddle them as victims of global warming and poverty.

  • Dana Garcia

    Win the war, lose the peace. Stupid.

    • Clausewitz

      The Marshall plan in one sentence. Well done.