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Child psychiatrist is ‘caught filming a boy in a cinema toilet’ in Canada

A child psychiatrist has allegedly been caught filming a young boy in the bathrooms of a movie theatre in Canada.

Aaron Voon, 41, from Perth, Western Australia was filmed in a confrontation with the boy’s father outside the toilets at West Edmonton Mall’s Scotiabank Theatre on May 22, reported The Global News.

While another man is filming, the man believed to be the boy’s father can be heard saying to the camera ‘Is this recording?’

Costco Parking lot Brawl

Not from Canada… Pictured: Woman whose breast implants exploded when a kangaroo knocked her off her bike – but they ‘acted like airbags and saved her life’

Silicone Tits Saved My Life From Randy Roo

Silicone Tits Saved My Life From Randy Roo

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  • Linda1000

    The bathroom story is just creepy – glad the perp was caught.
    Goons at Costco – never would have thought…
    Aussie Rooball? Wonder if silicone implants would help to float in water also, if they act like airbags? There is a duling piano bar in Calgary called Aussie Rules.

    • Costco parking lots are generally orderly.

      • Linda1000

        Agree, the only time I have ever seen a parking dispute was at a mall at Xmas time.

  • Frances

    The bathroom story – look at the clinic posting after the doctor was caught. I rather think the parents whose children were still on the waiting list are thanking God kneeling that their children didn’t come into this man’s orbit.

    • It is creepy.

      • Frances

        Past that if you’ve had a child who was actually “counselled” by said doctor.