Surveillance Video Shows Bank Robber Shot By Cop

Madisonville, OH – Charges will not be filed against an off-duty Cincinnati Police officer who shot and killed a bank robbery suspect in Madisonville Wednesday, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced Friday.

  • V10_Rob

    He dindu nuffin!

  • Clink9

    That was beautiful …. Wipes away tear ….

  • Mal

    He was one fleet son of a bitch, I’ll give him that. Coupled with some nice controlled shooting by the copper, kudos all ’round, I’d say. Some high quality performances happening there.
    Still, a reckoning’s a reckoning; and I’m glad the cop was exonerated.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    I am sure all concerned are relieved that the police offer appears to be black – Otherwise there would be another BLM uprising-