New York City salt fines upheld

From Leah Barkoukis at Townhall:

If you thought the war on sugary drinks in New York City was bad enough, the Big Apple will now be cracking down on another apparent evil: salt.

After getting the green light from an appeals court this week, the city will start enforcing that chain restaurants use icons on their menus to warn customers if foods are salty.

The good news for freedom-lovers is that the appeals court’s ruling isn’t necessarily the final word on whether the regulation will stand. More.

Reality check: The bad news is that the city and the courts are involved in this. They reinforce each other, of course, for fun and shakedown all around. But then New Yorkers voted for diBlasio. And Bloomberg. Maybe next time the ban will be on New York type fries. Suck it up.

There is little evidence that, in general, salt is a health hazard. Or that whole foods are, in general, better for us. Or that we evolved so as to need the government to make these decisions. Or that vast amounts of nutrition science are anything other than sciencey-sounding bunk.

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