Islamic Discrimination Against Women

If a thing goes without saying it goes even better if it is said. It has long been clear that Islamic Sharia law was incompatible with conventions on human rights regarding the place of women in the legal order and in all spheres of private and public life. Indeed, the European Court of Human Rights in a decision of July 31, 2001 that the “institution of Sharia law and a theocratic regime were incompatible with the requirements of a democratic society.”

Everyone genuinely concerned about the issue of gender equality and the fundamental rights of women will be pleased with the announcement by Theresa May, British Home Secretary, on May 25, 2016, that the British government is to launch a full official independent review of the application of Islamic sharia law in England and Wales, and of the role of Sharia courts and Muslim arbitration tribunals.

  • Bataviawillem

    That’s a little late now.

    • The “elites” overwhelmed by the obvious.

  • xavier

    Actually no. There’should nothing inevitable about sharia. In fact forcing the sharia apologists to come out and the open and be compelled to defend and explain will cause many people to recoil in disgust and the mystery of sharia will disappear.

    Further as Fraul Katiz as tirelessly pointed out Moslems can’take debate rationally and with reason so their head will explode with even the most minor objection

    • Linda1000

      Sharia has not disappeared for 1400 years. This useless review will not be given accurate information and the players in the communities will cover up and close ranks. SOP, just like muslims are warned not to talk to the FBI, etc. I’m willing to bet that these sharia courts are operating informally at various mosques in Canada and the U.S. also. Britain has just been more open about it and stupidly, they have actually been formally or legally allowed to operate in Britain.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So what? Their community their problem. Let the Muslim men rape and beat their women to their heart’s delight? What’s the worst that happens? Some banged up Muslim women periodically to the ER to patched up, sent home and slapped around some more?

  • mauser 98