“Interfaith” Muslim Azeezah Kanji Blows Smoke on Behalf of the “Religion of Peace”

A Jew, a Christian and a Muslim walked into a Toronto church and proceeded to engage in a bit of comforting moral relativism…

  • Gary

    I am always amazed when muslims try to find some kind on injustice from the past or currently somewhere on Earth by a non-muslim as to hold it up and assert that muslims should have the same Right to do harm.
    They never seem to preach ending all harm by everyone , plus their concept of Peace is to kill all the non-muslims and those that don’t agree with them .

    I get a real laugh at the BBC debates about islam because they always bring on one or two Jew-haters and the odd Imam going on a rant like some prattling chimp . Muslims love to play the oppressed minority of about 5 % of the population but they want to be 20% of the audience during the Debate as they steal close to 40% of the talking time.