Honor Our Fallen: Respect the Violence & Grit of War

Insurgents conducted an ambush in a busy marketplace. Rockets. The exchange of machine gun fire. Then silence.

A few minutes later, a truck zipped into our base and stopped at our aid station. An insurgent was sprawled over the hood, two wounded Afghan police were on litters, and two dead Afghan police officers were heaped in the bed.

I helped transfer the wounded into the aid station and turned around to see some Afghan police dragging their buddies’ corpses around the corner of a wall.

They left them on the ground. The flies were grateful.

  • A shocking contrast between a people with values and people who do not value life at all.

    • Linda1000

      It’s like that in many parts of the world. Many muslims seem to be particularly fatalistic. A kid dies – In’sha’allah … God willing “we’ll have another one”.