French ‘jihadi network’ goes on trial

Seven men who joined ISIS in Syria go on trial in Paris – without their 10th member who died after carrying out the Bataclan killing

Muslim terrorists on trial in France

  • Gary

    If only the FBI and RCMP over here could find the common link for why these quran reading mekkah praying terrorists seem to be name mohamed. We know that our Politicians found one common link which is mental Illness….but there must be something we just can’t put our finger on for what they all can be tied to .

    Hmmm, I’ll keep loading data into my Computer and hope the software can call up the most common Words such as White, Male , Christian , NRA or some other factor.

  • Alain

    Another bit of lunacy,: you are at war and yet insist on prosecuting enemy combatants in a criminal court, as though they are your regular common criminals.

  • Spatchcocked

    Guilty…. Hang them up….

    I’ll try them next week…

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Hang Em High.