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Barbara-NortonLouisiana Rep: Declaration Of Independence Be Racist

A Louisiana lawmaker argued against a bill requiring public school students to recite excerpts from the Declaration of Independence because ‘only Caucasians were free’ at the time it was penned.

Barbara Norton said it was ‘unfair’ to require children to recite the founding document, given it was written when slavery was still widespread.

man-goatMan Decided To Live As A Goat Because Life As A Human Got Too Stressful

“One day I was walking with the dog of a friend and I noticed that the dog just seemed really happy about life, without any worries, and I thought to myself it would be really great to be you for a day,” Thwaites said.

So he devised a plan. While the dog looked happy, he knew he couldn’t live as one because he’s not a big fan of meat. He seriously considered becoming an elephant but later decided against it because elephants “seem to have the same problems we do – they get sad, they get upset and they can even suffer from post-traumatic stress. That was exactly the sort of thing I was trying to get away from.”

When Islam conquers Switzerland, things are going to get ugly for this one.

Solidarity-groups-hold-a-sign-reading-Europe-doesnt-care-if-you-suffer-during-a-protest-against-the-forced-evacuation-of-migrants-and-refugees-from-a-makeshift-camp-Getty-640x480Half of Idomeni Camp Migrants Missing

The notorious Idomeni migrant camp, that has been the subject of attempted border crossings, riots and even deaths, was finally cleared as of Thursday morning. The Greek government had plans to relocate the estimated 8,000 migrants living in the make-shift camp for weeks, and used a combination of military and police personnel to clear the site.

The authorities had scheduled three to ten days for the operation but were surprised at the quick pace of the evacuation. The reason for the swiftness, police have found, may be because half of the migrants are missing, Zeit reports.

lenaLena Dunham Wants Women To Stop Saying ‘I’m Sorry’

I’m not sure when in my life “the sorries” began, but I can distinctly remember apologizing profusely to a girl who didn’t invite me to her birthday party in second grade, after she publicly handed invitations out to the whole class in front of me. Sorry for my tears. Sorry you had to be mean. Sorry I’m not the kind of person you’d want to attend a Sunday afternoon romp at the YMCA. Sorry.

Yet she has so much to be sorry about.

Hillary_Hyena_DNA_AncestryDNA test traces origins of Hillary cackle to hyena ancestors

This week a scientific analysis of Mrs. Clinton’s DNA has finally confirmed Dr. Crumlin’s prediction, detecting a significant amount of the spotted hyena DNA in her otherwise English, Welsh, Scottish, French, and French Canadian ancestry, with multiple family relationships to Madonna and Céline Dion.

Migrants-Getty-640x480Pope Francis: ‘Migrants Are Not a Danger, They Are in Danger’

In what the Vatican is billing as a “summit on the migrant emergency,” Pope Francis met with a group of four hundred schoolchildren from the south of Italy on Saturday, assuring them that they have nothing to fear from migrants but should be reaching out to welcome them.

“Accessory to pedophilia and the rape of minors” is what the Judge should say.

MayUK Home Secretary Theresa May Hails “Benefits” of Sharia Law

UK Home Secretary Theresa May said many British Muslims “benefit a great deal” from living under Sharia law while launching an investigation into any possible “mistreatment of women” under the separate legal system.

climate change protestersClimate change is the most pressing issue of our time. So why isn’t it getting more play in the election?

With the exception of a handful of quacks and deniers, the vast majority of scientists believe that human activity – primarily the burning of fossil fuels – is driving up temperatures around the world, and that the pace of global warming is accelerating faster than earlier believed. Warmer temperatures unleash more extreme weather systems, exacerbate drought cycles, and melt the poles and glaciers, leading to rising sea levels that in the not-distant future will have disastrous effects, such as swamping swaths of Bangladesh, submerging the Marshall Islands and flooding low-lying coasts around the U.S., including Marina del Rey and other Southern California seaside communities.

hillaryPoor polls, scandal, a cussed rival … how it’s all going wrong for Hillary Clinton

The week that Donald Trump finally sealed the Republican presidential nomination ought to have been a triumphant one for Hillary Clinton. With a final few delegates nudging him past the official finishing line on Thursday, here at last was the candidate that Democrats always dreamed of running against: unpopular, undisciplined and ostensibly unelectable in November’s general election.

Yet in the Alice in Wonderland world of American politics in 2016, nothing is what it seems. Clinton supporters would instead have to stomach six impossible things before the week was out.

How do you spell ‘schadenfreude’?

surpriseOckham’s Razor Comes Out Of The Closet

I’m sorry for saying all this by blog post but I think this is the best way and gives us time to think about it. I can assure you that I’ve thought long and hard about this decision and do not make it lightly. I realize that I have been living a lie, and each time I laugh along with others or make fun of those like me, a little piece of me dies inside.

I am writing this post to tell you that I support Donald Trump.

canadaHow you could go to prison under Alberta NDP’s new carbon tax law

Yesterday Rachel Notley introduced a new massive carbon tax in Alberta, that will take effect on January 1st. I’ll walk you through some of it. It’s over a hundred pages.

They don’t even pretend that it’s about global warming. Yes, the law is called the “Climate Leadership Implementation Act”. But we submitted an access to information request, asking for any environmental studies showing the effect this tax will have on the world’s climate.

They have no such studies.

chic-fil-a-missing-man-tableChick-fil-A does the unthinkable for Memorial Day

Chick-fil-A shocks us by doing this absolutely commensurable gesture to pay respect to those who lost their life while serving and protecting the citizens of the United States of America. Some restaurants participate and show honor to our troops who don’t return. They show their thankfulness with subtle gestures and continuing to remember those who’ve sacrificed everything for us.

Sumtin’ inna eye izall.

trump rallyDonald Trump’s energy policies would harm the nation and worsen global warming

Here’s Donald Trump’s vision of America’s energy future: warmer climate, higher seas and worsened smog with increased risks of serious illness among Americans forced to inhale emissions from ramped-up coal-fired power plants.

Yeah, that’ll make America great again.

remote control power buttonConservatives, It’s Time to Power Down the Left’s Cultural Heist

Let’s be clear with one another, the far-Left assault on our culture, our families, our economy, our healthcare, our children’s education, and on our basic freedoms will NEVER end. Please do not delude yourself into thinking that the radical Left will stop when they enact one more tax hike or when men are allowed in the women’s bathroom. It will never stop. Their entire ideological house is built on a bedrock of government force as a tool to control your lives, and control is both a destination and a journey for the far-Left.

99256176_Democratic_presidential_candidate_Hillary_Clinton_speaks_at_the_Home_of_Chicken_and_Waffles-large_trans++F17Eb5QVe68VMN2NfamVAKqoyo74RDQTQAlJG8Uimf0Hillary Clinton must choose left-wing running mate, says Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders warned on Sunday that Hillary Clinton must choose a left-wing candidate as running mate if the Democratic party is to win the presidential election.

The comments came amid mounting criticism that Mrs Clinton’s campaign is poorly equipped to take on Donald Trump.

burned-out-car-1-992x558Drone Victim’s Brother Brings US Legal Action

The brother of a man killed alongside slain Taliban boss Mullah Akhtar Mansour is pressing charges against US officials, according to police.

Mansour was in a car near the Pakistani town of Ahmad Wal on 21 May when he was killed in an American drone strike, along with what Washington described as a “second male combatant”.

However, the other man has been named by Pakistani security officials as Mohammad Azam, who worked for a rental car company in Quetta, the region’s biggest city.

Apparently the Taliban is biased against rental car company employees.

islam-in-europeViews of 44% of Europe Muslims are fundamentalist, Czech study shows

This flies in the face of the leftist narrative that 1.5 billion millions are peaceful, so don’t expect any media coverage — but this reflects the reality of what we are seeing in Europe.

Hizb-ut-Tahrir-logoCanada: Pro-Sharia, pro-Caliphate organization holds conference in Mississauga

The Canadian branch of Hizb-Ut-Tahrir, an international Islamic political organization, that calls itself a “political party”, held a conference at the Swagat Banquet Hall in Mississauga on May 21, titled the Strength of the Ummah (Islamic nation). They believe in the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate which would enforce Shariah law, return to “Its rightful place as the first state in the world” and deliver the message of Islam to the rest of the world.