America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Reiterates Trump Support for Immigration Enforcement

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo had an interesting discussion with Senator Sessions on her Sunday morning show, where he reminded viewers that immigration should be designed to serve the American people. Interestingly, Bartiromo clearly respected Sessions as an expert on “one of the most fundamental issues for any election, for any country.”

Sessions emphasized Hillary Clinton’s open borders position as “extreme” and “an obvious evisceration of the law.” Donald Trump’s presidency would by contrast rejigger immigration into a “lawful system” that “serves the national interest.”

  • Alain

    It would be good if Trump would state that he seeks to bring the American immigration system in line with the immigration system of Mexico. Mexico has a very strict system and no open borders at all. Then all those pushing for illegals and open borders claiming it would be discrimination to do otherwise, would be sputtering.

    • Nothing shames them, its not immigrants they care about but rather the destruction of the country.

      • Alain

        Yes, I know but it shines the light of truth on them and puts them on the defensive.

        • barryjr

          No it won’t they’ll just call you a racist nazi.

    • mauser 98

      severe punishment for illegals entering Mexico
      ..except if Barry requested them

  • Dana Garcia

    Senator Sessions is the best. He has been quietly working on the immigration topic for years, publishing research from his office, holding hearings, and now he is getting some well deserved recognition because Trump has shined a light on that neglected corner.

  • Spatchcocked

    As for Mr Sessions May God strengthen his arm and increase his tribe.
    Credit to Derb…..

  • mauser 98

    …Hill to erase borders in first 100 days
    “Clinton’s vision erases entirely the protections that U.S. immigration laws are supposed to afford American citizens”

  • mauser 98

    Jeb also

    • Dana Garcia

      Nothing about the Trump candidacy has been more pleasant to watch than his demolishing of Jeb, the open-borders slut of the elites’ choosing.

      Get on back to you Mexican wifey, Jeb, and leave Americans alone.

  • Why don’t these guys just make Mexico great?

    Too much work or corruption?

    • Clausewitz

      Hard to make Mexico great when you’re ducking under the hail of continual gunfire from Obama provided firearms.