A Liberal Muslim who hates Trump and loves Obama will lead the Conservative Party to Victory?

Canada’s federal Conservative Party begins its implosion

That debate turned emotional at an election review session Friday where party officials candidly acknowledged the strategic and tactical blunders that upended the 2015 campaign. But it was Urz Heer, a 47-year-old delegate who works for Brampton MP Kyle Seeback, who made the more lasting impressing on the room. She broke down as she assailed the party for its strategy.

“This last election campaign was a disaster. I’m also a Muslim and this campaign targeted us, unfairly,” she said, her voice shaking with emotion.

This is confusing.  Ms. Heer, according to her own profile, appears to still be the director of the Brampton West Federal Liberal Riding Association.  How, then, does one get to be a delegate at the Conservative Party’s national convention while apparently also concurrently being a director in the Liberal Party?

  • andycanuck

    I stopped reading it in another thread when the author didn’t know that the Aussie’s Liberal Party are their conservatives. Reading it to the end through this link I see it was even more-full of crap based on moral issues (including distortions) and not on political policy. As it didn’t work for Ted Cruz in the States, it certainly won’t work here.

  • ontario john

    A liberal muslim? Is that a muslim who feels bad after beheading you?

    • No, it’s one who applauds your beheading.

      • Clausewitz

        He’s the guy with the candies.

  • Clink9

    Where have all the men gone?

    • Alain

      Marine Le Pen has more balls than any of our male politicians. Very sad state of affairs.

    • occupant 9

      The Leftards have worked overtime to replace the Alpha male with the Alfalfa male. That’s where all the men have gone.

    • Waffle

      Gone to seed, everyone.
      When will they ever learn?

      (apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary)

  • occupant 9

    Here’s another quote from Muslima Heer:

    country belongs to everyone, including me. For the first time I felt
    that I didn’t belong here, and this is my country. It’s unfair. It was
    unfair to my people.”

    This country does NOT belong to her or to her “my people.” In fact, that’s the core problem; that she thinks tribally inside “my people.” I don’t have any of these “my people” to vote as a massive block against another’s group of “my people.” We are not a nation with “my people” against “my people.” We are free individuals, free agents in our decision making and “my people” runs counter to that idea as hard as any idea could.

    From here, we have Islam that surely sees the world in terms of “my people” vs. other groups of “my people” and within Islam, they see themselves as the “best of people.” That just might cause, as history attests, Muslims to never see any except “my people,” just as any military does with their troops.

    The method that will win the day, and save freedom for free people, is to enact a reverse Shari’a against Muslims. Just the suggestion will bring about screams of persecution from the Orcs of Islam which *should* serve to enlighten the rest of those that *want* to see, the true nature of Shari’a and its utter barbarity and inhumane sets of humiliating rules that non-Muslims are subject to when living under Muslim majorities.

    That’s how we get Muslims to reconsider living in free lands.

    • Alain

      The balkanisation of Canada was started by Trudeau Sr., and it has continued at a rapid pace ever since, even under the CPC. A nation/people divided offers no resistance to power hungry exploiters. Experience of having basically two voter blocks, Quebecers and the rest of Canadians, should have taught us the problems it creates. Prior to the balkanisation of Canada, politicians were restricted to trying to win the two blocks, usually however that meant winning the Quebec block due to Quebec having far too many seats compared to its population. That brought us the idea that short-pants Trudeau expressed in an interview, that only politicians from Quebec should govern the country.

      • occupant 9

        Yes, Trudeau Sr started it and his moron son will finish it. We live in the Age of Treason and with such openly insane Muslim immigration policies we have Hostile vs. Docile and docile will be crushed by imported villages that excel in violent idiots.

      • Multicult is a divide and conquer strategy designed to create a weakened citizenry and low trust society.

    • Ms. Heer should fuck off back to Buttfuckistan.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I am not a number.
      I am a free man!

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        If Justinian has his way we’ll all be dhimmis or dead.

  • ontario john

    And Ontario’s Patrick Brown was participating in a meeting at the convention on the benefits of carbon taxes. I guess the conservatives no longer care about taxpayers. And of course Wynne has promised another 200 million dollars today to whiny indians. Because we love blowing money here in Sunny Ways Ontario.

    • Screw him, he’ll never get my vote.

      • ontario john

        And Wynne has another celebration for us. June is homosexual sex month, but Wynne has announced today that one week every November will be whiny indian week.

        • DavidinNorthBurnaby

          Stand by for the announcement of whiny homo Indian week.

  • Jim Horne

    Who is Urz Heer?

    Until that question can be fully answered, readers are at best just groping in the dark. Every aspect of this woman’s life needs to be fully vetted. We need to know who she is.

  • simus1

    Given the very shaky times that are likely to be our fate in the immediate future, my inclination would be to support either Maxime Bernier or Kevin O’Leary for the leadership.

    • Neither will be any different than any of the others.

      • Alain

        You are right, especially since neither has the honesty and courage to address this problem, which on its own is very serious.

  • DMB
  • DMB
  • V10_Rob

    I see the Conservatives are continuing the fine tradition of imbibing poison that their enemies assure them is in fact medicine.

    Queue several years of head-scratching as they try to figure out why their party platform of fighting climate change, prostrating themselves to offended islamists, and teaching pre-schoolers to be trannies isn’t resonating with voters.

  • Hanamanganda

    That article was written by an ignorant fool. Look at all the mistakes. Most ridiculous was the one about a “monument to communism” by Tony Clement. It was a monument to the VICTIMS of communism.

    I have lost all my respect for The American Thinker. I used to read their articles.

  • kkruger71

    Wasn’t there a big thing a few years back about some major foreign Muslim organization sending over lists of candidates for the mosques to push people to vote for no matter the party, specifically because of the candidates muslim ties?
    I am not big on conspiracy theories but really do think that most muslims involved in politics are following the same concept; doesn’t matter what party, get members in every one in order to push mulsim-friendly policies. That way it doesn’t matter who wins, they get what they want. Honestly, it’s actually a pretty smart strategy.

  • Gen_Lee_Wright

    The new president of the party was a federal Liberal less than 10 years ago. Deputy campaign manager for Blair Wilson and somehow parlayed that shocking lapse in judgment into being chair of the National Candidate Selection Committee.