A Liberal Muslim who hates Trump and loves Obama will lead the Conservative Party to Victory?

Canada’s federal Conservative Party begins its implosion

That debate turned emotional at an election review session Friday where party officials candidly acknowledged the strategic and tactical blunders that upended the 2015 campaign. But it was Urz Heer, a 47-year-old delegate who works for Brampton MP Kyle Seeback, who made the more lasting impressing on the room. She broke down as she assailed the party for its strategy.

“This last election campaign was a disaster. I’m also a Muslim and this campaign targeted us, unfairly,” she said, her voice shaking with emotion.

This is confusing.  Ms. Heer, according to her own profile, appears to still be the director of the Brampton West Federal Liberal Riding Association.  How, then, does one get to be a delegate at the Conservative Party’s national convention while apparently also concurrently being a director in the Liberal Party?