Your assistance required… Blog Performance Issues

It has come to my attention that the most recent blog posts may not be displaying to readers.

It would appear readers are served up a cached version of the home page across the full range of commonly used browsers, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

This may relate to a Cache plugin I have been using, it may not.

I am currently testing a different plug in to see if the change will correct the issue.

One way to possibly solve the problem is to clear your browser cache.

Instructions: How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

If you can see this post, let me know in the comments at what time it showed up for you as it is being published at 10:33 AM Sunday morning.

Let me know if you are experiencing “a whole bunch of new posts showing up at once” after seeing the same post for an hour or longer.

I will schedule a test post for 1 pm today, please let me know when it shows up for you in the comments as well,