Why campus diversity efforts must fail

From Daily Caller:

For instance, they point out efforts to simply admit more black students will require engaging in increased affirmative action, with less-qualified black applicants being admitted in order to hit desired racial quotas.

“As a result of these disparate admissions standards, many students spend four years in a social environment where race conveys useful information about the academic capacity of their peers,” they say. “People notice useful social cues, and one of the strongest causes of stereotypes is exposure to real group differences. If a school commits to doubling the number of black students, it will have to reach deeper into its pool of black applicants, admitting those with weaker qualifications, particularly if most other schools are doing the same thing. This is likely to make racial gaps larger, which would strengthen the negative stereotypes that students of color find when they arrive on campus.”

Jussim and Haidt are also skeptical increased diversity and microaggression training will resolve these problems. Currently, they say, there is no experimental evidence suggesting diversity training actually helps, while microaggression training, with its emphasis on the power of simple words and gestures to cause grave offense, has great potential to increase racial hostility.

Reality check: Nothing about this should surprise anyone, of course. What most analysts don’t take into account is the fact that—in any event—the whole “promote diversity” movement got started at a time and in a place when education was losing its value, apart from letters after one’s name.

We don’t see diversity movements in neurosurgery or major league ball. Because achievement still matters in those fields.

Historically, many groups have been held back but the real world counterbalances that because everyone loves a winner and the main thing is, the winner should be working for us,not for the other guy.

But what if the “achievement” sought is a union-negotiated salary as a third-rate high school teacher in a tax-supported school—where half the grads are functionally illiterate? And that’s the grads, mind you. One can probably sort the applicants using any legal method, with roughly the same success.

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